Diary of A Borderline Sociopath – Entry 2

I have a problem. I can’t stand seeing people happy. That’s why I stay off social media.

Everywhere I turn, somebody has a new hairdo, a new job, a new boo, a new car. It is frustrating. Are we in the Same Nigerian run by Buhari? Why do they have so much and I don’t?

I can’t stand it. Today I called PHCN on my next building neighbours. The power holding company came to cut their light yesterday because they hadn’t paid their electric bills, and as soon as they left, my smart neighbours called an electrician to hook the wires back.

I had light this morning and so did they. This annoyed me, so I called PHCN and reported them.

I’m writing, drinking coffee and sitting on my balcony now. watching PHCN uproot their wires completely. They will not be having light for a long while. I feel satisfied. But why don’t I feel happy?

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