Let’s Play – episode 1


So there I was staring at this bitch. Who for some known reason was angry at me. She just kept on talking and talking and talking and talking then finally she said “how much will I give you to leave my boyfriend alone?” I thought she was joking so I answered “one million naira?” I was about to laugh at myself when she brought out her cheque book and signed it, tore out a slip and threw it on me. May I add that my mouth was opened throughout all this?

When I got back to my senses she was gone in her black 2011 Jaguar XJ, I bent down slowly and picked up the cheque with ONE MILLION NAIRA clearly written on it and I mentally froze still with my mouth opened then common sense hit me!  

But not that hard 

I should probably return the cheque to her, yes I will return it. I stood up now composed but like I said common sense did not hit me that hard. I looked at the cheque again then it clicked. I didn’t like John! No I only liked him because he was a great kisser. I didn’t believe in love so why should I throw away money for a kiss?

Right there I dialed John’s number “hello John……..I’m okay…….yes…..um….John? It’s not you it’s me…….I’ve started seeing someone else” I dropped the call before he said anything to change my mind. And just when Mr. Conscience tried to achieve what Mr. Common Sense couldn’t achieve. A big bright smile appeared on my face! I AM MILLIONIAR!!!!


Pamela is my best friend and my roommate so we practically share everything but at times she could be pretty annoying. but hey opposites attract 

I bounced on our bed squealing. “Hey! Some people are trying to sleep here!” she said half sleeping 

“Okay! But I won’t tell you how I made one million naira today” she immediately jumped up from the bed assessed me to know it I was serious then gasped out loud as I waved the cheque it her face. “Tomiwa paid me to leave John” 

“That bitch s really desperate!” she dragged the cheque from my hand. “Easy money” I Smirked 

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” A mischievous smile started spreading across her face. 

“If it’s about money then we are in sync” I slipped my cheque out of her hand before she thought of the word share. Na! I’m not that stingy but you see Pamela is the spending type and I am the saving type. But I’ll give her a treat. 

“Let’s play a game” now I was listening “let’s see how many bitches and guys we can legally scam” 

“I likey!” I said placing my cheque ‘i love that word’ into my bag and zipping it. 

“We will get a list of available suitors with desperate girlfriends or fiancées starting tomorrow” she gets back on the bed and dozes off. 

We might be different in our own ways but we both didn’t believe in love and loved money.

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  1. The story is is intrigued, holding readers in a suspense, – you just have to reach the end of the story before you stop

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