LORDS – Episode 0

Lords Episode 1: African – Nigerian Comic book series, Action, Fantasy, Free Comicbook

Intro: After being cast to earth 57 for trying to take over The Writer (FablingPam) to destroy the Fablingverse, The demiurge is handed the book of Fate which will help her make her escape earth 57 and Destroy the world. But for the book of Fate to work, she must stop killing everybody and let a story begin, as only a main character can hold the book.


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  1. Daniel TNO Dan-Asisah

    Crazy good stuff. I love the story and where it’s going

    1. fablingverse

      Thank you very much Daniel TNO Dan-Asisah

  2. IAMweirdzesty

    Lol… This concept is crazy mad but I won’t shout MAD OOO! (too boring) but my question b say, if d characters just appear, why does one of d 3 idiots (I got d Bollywood reference) speak of a mother.

    1. fablingverse

      Thank you IAMweirdzesty 😀 They just appear because the creator placed them in the world, but they can still perform reproductive functions

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