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African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - inside cover ep 2
PAGE 1 PANEL 1 + The Hang Out + Inside a cube like setting, Fola is lying across a couch reading a magazine, obinna is typing on a computer which is quite large (or multiple screens, like 12 screens stacked upon each other) if you go with one super large monitor place a large keypad in front of him. if it’s the multiple screen, place three keyboards and mouses in front of him. obinna is also smoking a roll of weed. The computer screen’s light is basically what is lighting this room up. Chibuzo is sitting by the door, cleaning his katana (sword) A RINGING SFX ON OBINNA’S SCREEN PANEL 2 A message pops up on Obinna’s screen. If it’s the single screen, let it have segments, on reading mails, one monitoring several parts of the town, the market, the prison cell, the club, random street corners, the church. If it is multiple screens then let each screen do like wise. In the middle creen a pointer arrow is about to open an incoming On his desk too is a tray of smoked weed wraps, A can of energy drink, and an almost empty pack of pizza. Ps. This scene is important. We don’t need to see Obinna’s face in this PANEL, we can see the back of his head or shoulder Obinna (off shoulder): Fola you have a job from the boss
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 2 PAGE 2 PANEL 1 Chibuzo looks at his smiling reflection in his sword. we see the back of his head, or shoulder, but we need to see the door behind him and his face reflected on the shiny sword’s surface. From the blade we can see the door open and someone walking in with a tray of 5 paper cups. This person is korede Chibuzo: You know something interesting is about to happen whenever the boss sends for the town crier. PANEL 2 Korede holds up the tray of 5 pper cups, he is smiling Korede: Guess who is I’m a good mood? PANEL 3 Fola has gotten up now, the magazine he was reading earlier is on it’s way to the chair he was formally on. *He flung the magazine to the chair.* Fola: From the free coffee we are all about to get... You? PANEL 4 Korede hands Fola a cup Korede: That’s right, you know what happened today? PANEL 5 Fola is looking into his coffee cup, we see inside the cup, and his hand opening the lid, inside the cup Is a cream, chocolate coffee. Fola: The priestess chose today not to kill you? PANEL 6 Korede is handing Obinna his coffee and obinna is laughing. korede: very funny. Fola(off screen): We are only looking out for you
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 3 PAGE 3 PANEL 1 Korede is standing in the middle of the room in gist mode everybody is facing him. You can show shilouettes of people facing him or show them, but the most important person in this scene is Korede, and the fact that h Korede: So Like Last week, you know Seyi now, the high priestess? You remember she dragged me to her room, I mean, I let her drag me, well, there was this new girl at church yesterday, fine eh! That ass, the writer made her right. And you know me I just had to tap that- PANEL 2 Chinedu looks surpised Chinedu: You had to tap that in the church? PANEL 3 Korede Is smirking and making a prayer gesture Korede: the writer don’t mind, she created sex. So this girl, she was praying right next to the book of Wanker. PANEL 4 Fola looks thoughtful Fola: The book that the boss wants badly. PANEL 5 Korede look annoyed Korede: Don’t interupt me PANEL 6 We are back to a wide shot of Korede talking to the guys. His palms are facing each other in front of his crotch, in a bragging way Korede: so I walk over to this girl and ask her for what she was praying for, and she says ‘I was praying that you’d notice me!. “And so you know I gatta give it to her. We did it, grinding all up in her wet body, soaking wet, moans, I work magic, her claws deep in my back, the scars still hurt. I answered her prayers, call me the Sex God. Then the high priestess caught us, I mean we were in her room so, the girl was sacrificed.”
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 4 Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 4 PANEL 1 Quick 4 side by side PANELs of everybody’s face as one PANEL. Fola is shocked, Chibuzo smirks, obinna is rolling his eyes, Chinedu is raising a brow. Fola: The High priestess erased her.” PANEL 2 Korede is laughing Korede: well it was expected “Man I got this boner from watching her fade.” PANEL 3 Obinna’s screen, a message has popped up with a mail in the centre. PANEL 4 Fola is leaving the cube Chibuzo: Your church stories no longer shock me. Obinna: Hey Fola, the Boss just sent another message, says to inform the Lords to assemble at the palace A S A P.”
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 5 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 5 PANEL 1 A Bentley is coming to a stop beside a huge wall. Inside the car is Patrick on thedriver’s seat, and pamela on the pasenger’s seat. Patrick is about to light up a cigarette Patrick: You are sure we don’t need to inspect this place first, before we steal from it?” Pulling out a cigarette. Pamela: Please don’t smoke that now, we can’t afford to let them smell us. PANEL 2 Inside the car now. Patrick is returning the cigarette to its pack, and Pamela is loading her gun with tranquilizer bullets Pamela: No we can’t wait. Right now as we are here, the writer knows what we are about to do, we need to act before she adds a plot twist.” PANEL 3 Patrick is laughing Patrick: Plot twists? “Seriously you’ve been saying some outrageous things since you got in the car, but the most outrageous is that you believe that a ‘God’ called, 'The writer’ exists. If she exists then why doesn’t she come here to stop us herself?” PANEL 4 Pamela is handing him a gun Pamela: This universe has rules set by the Creator that both Gods and characters most obey. It is annoying explaining these things to a mortal, so let’s just go in and get the boss his book.” PANEL 5 Patrick is getting out of the car with his gun Patrick: The book of Wanker. You know wanker means a lot of things right? PANEL 6 Pamela is getting out of her side of the car, she is smiling. Pamela: An asshole yes, the ones who brought the book were Wankers.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 6 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 6 PANEL 1 Pamela and Patrick are looking up a huge fence with barbed wires around it. Our view is behind them. So we are seeing the back of their full body and the lenght of the wall (it is a huge wall), and the top is guarded with barbed wires. Patrick: By the way why can’t we erase them? Pamela:Because they will pray for a deux ex machina. and the writer will, for the first time in her life, respond to their prayers. We don’t want that. PANEL 2 A shot of Pamela’s legs stepping backwards (She is about to leap over the fence) Pamela: Wait here, I’ll open it once I get in. PANEL 3 A speed-blurred image of Pamela in the air, way, above the fence, Patrick is still on the floor looking shocked-speechless.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 7 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 7 PANEL 1 The large gates opening, to reveal a shocked Patrick Pamela (O.S): Hurry up PANEL 2 Patrick is running in after Fabling, behind him we see a guard in white robe sleeping, two dugs sleeping next to each other. PANEL 3 Again we see this scene from behind Patrick. We are just behind the church’s door , behind Patrick. Pamela is far inside, between the pews. I’ll let you come up with the design for the church. But I’ll drop a few reference images. Again, from our view we can see some of the chairs in the church, the pulpit and the stained glass windows behind it (you know how some catholic and Anglican churches have stained glasses of the apostles, this should be one of the writer. It should be the height of the church, from the pulpit to the roof. These Images should help clarify the sort of shot I want. And give a clue to how beautiful the church should look. This is an exposition shot.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 8 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse PAGE 8 PANEL Patrick is beside Pamela (he is still in walking motion) Pamela is not paying attention to him, she is pointing forward Patrick: My brother and I used to beg outside this church, if I had known how beautiful it was… wow Pamela: That’s what we came for PANEL 2 We see a part of the pulpit in this shot, on this part there is a girl bowed over in prayer. Beside the pulpit, we see a beautiful pillar, on the pillar is the book of Wanker. Patrick (O.S): It is not protected? PANEL 3 Pamela has her gun in hand and is behind the girl, the gun is aimed at the girl’s head, the girl is still kneeling down, but she Is no longer bowed over, she is kneeling up and has sensed Pamela. Girl: Who are you? PANEL 4 The girl has stood up, she is facing Pamela, she has a pistol pointed at Pamela, pamela has her eye brow raised Girl: I’ll blow your brain out if you don’t tell me who PANEL 5 Now has the gun is pointed at the girl. The girl looks scared Pamela: You let a person think they have some power and they think they can erase you. Girl: What do you want? PANEL 6 Pamela is pointing with the pistol to the book on the pillar, beside the girl. Pamela: I want you to hand me that book. Girl: But the priestess said it should never be touched, that anybody who touches it will be erased, except the chosen one.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 9 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 9 PANEL 1 Pamela’s smug face Pamela: Hand over the book and I’ll leave now. Girl: Take it yourself; it is just standing here unguarded. PANEL 2 Pamela face palms while putting the gun in her back pocket Pamela: Why do humans always want to do things the hard way? PANEL 3 Use speed lines to show the immediate transition between the two PANELs Pamela has grabbed the girl’s neck and pushed her face unto the book PANEL 4 Pamela Jumps back fast. Again, speed lines to show her jumping away from the girl who is still pressed against the book of wanker PANEL 5 Intense close up - The girl’s eyes is wide open in fear PANEL 6 Pull back as lightning strikes the girl PANEL 7 The Pillar with a spotless book of wanker, there is still smoke from the strike in the air, the girl’s black box is beside the pillar
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 10 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 10 PANEL 1 Patrick is trying to run away, Pamela is stopping him by holding on to the back of his neck Patrick: I am not touching that thing! Pamela: You have to, the boss chose you because you are the protagonist. Patrick: Protagonist for where? PANEL 2 Pamela is still holding on to Patrick’s shirt and he is trying to pull it off, so on her othert hand is the faded girl’s gun, pointed at Patrick’s head Pamela: Look here, that lightning bolt just woke the other fanatics, in a few seconds this place will be swarmed with pistol carrying fanatics. I don’t want us to be here when that happens. So you can turn around now, pick up that book and we leave, or I can erase you and end this story. PANEL 3 Patrick is still trying to take off his shirt and escape Patrick: Well in that case I’ll rather be erased by a gun than by lightning. PANEL 4 Pamela’s hand releasing his shirt. Pamela: Humans and the hard way PANEL 5 Pamela is Placing the gun in one of her back pockets PANEL 6 Pamela is pulling out a phone from her other back pocket PANEL 7 Pamela is speaking loudly into the phone with a huge smile on her face. Pamela: Hello Raphael, do you want to say hello to your big brother? PANEL 8 Close up: Patrick’s head In motion, as he turns around to face her, his face is a mixture of intense anger, shock and fear.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 11 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 11 PANEL Use blurred lines or speed lines to show the speed at which this happens. Patrick has his hand tightly around the Pamela's neck. He is pissed fuck angry. But Pamela is still smiling with the phone in her hand. Patrick: If you do anything to my brother I swear I’ll destroy you. Pamela: Do anything to your brother? The only person hurting your brother is you. . His life is in your hands Patrick, if we leave here without the book, he vanishes, if I vanish he vanishes. Are you going to erase your own brother? PANEL 2 He lets her go, Show his hand letting her go Patrick: What if I get erased? PANEL 3 Pamela is rubbing her neck. Pamela: In that case your brother will be safe. Damn you are strong. Hurry up and grab the book, the fanatics are on their way. PANEL 4 Patrick walking up to the altar, PANEL 5 Patrick breaths in (eyes closed, show air going up his nose) PANEL 6 Patrick stretches his hand to touch the book PANEL 7 Patrick holds the book, it is still on the pillar PANEL 8 Patrick has lifted the book off the pillar.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 12 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 12 PANEL 1 Pamela jumps into the air, exited Pamela: “Yes!! I knew it! I knew it was you! I found you! I found the main character. Finally! PANEL 2 Patrick is staring at the Book of Wanker, surprised that he was still alive. The book is close to his face. PANEL 3 Same shot as PANEL 2, only now a bullet speeds pass his head PANEL 4 Pamela looks fierce. Her tranquilizer guns are back in her hands, she is in battle ready stance. Pamela: Ha, they are here. Patrick, make sure you leave this building with that book. Don’t worry about me, Raphael will be fine as long as you have that book. And remember, do not erase the fanatics. PANEL 5 Patrick hastily places the book inside his shirt, through the neck hole of his shirt. PANEL 6 The church entrance. Tens of worshippers are trooping in.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 13 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 13 PANEL 1 The worshippers have created a path to the door. They are lined like soldiers on either side of the aisle. Their guns are in their hands, pointed to Fabling and Patrick, (we can't see Pamela and Patrick in this shot though) The Priestess is walking in. She is illuminated by her sparking white atire and excess beauty. The priestess: I see, the chosen one was a thief, as expected of the writer, always unpredictable, her glory cannot be compared. All hail the writer!” Fanatics: The writer be praised! She is the greatest amongst all Gods in the universe. The Priestess: The chosen one has finally come to return the book to the writer’s observatory.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 14 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 14 Pamela looks dead serious Pamela: The book is going nowhere. Patrick, they will not shot you, they need you alive so just try not to get caught. PANEL 2 The high priestess has her fingers pointed forward with an angry look on her face The high priestess: Erase her! PANEL 3 Show the fanatics rushing forward, shooting their guns The high priestess (O.S): But keep the Chosen one, his purpose must be fulfilled. PANEL 4 Pamela Matrix dodges several bullets, over and under her. Patrick is to her right, behind her I'm this shot, his tranquilized guns are in his hands, but his jaws are wide open in shock as he is staring at Pamela dodge bullets. PANEL 5 A worshipper has Patrick in a chocke hold, Patrick looks alert now. Worshipper: I got him! PANEL 6 Same shot as 5, only that there is a tranquilzer dart sticking out of the worshipper's forehead now, and his eyes are rolled back. Pamela (O.S): No you don’t. For wanks sake, Patrick, get oun of here.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 15 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 15 PANEL 1 Patrick is running past some worshippers, he is shooting his guns PANEL 2 Some worshippers are on the floor asleep, some are falling down to sleep. PANEL 3 Patrick is running to the church exit/entrance, his path is clear. PANEL 4 The Priestess has applied before him, blocking his exit. She has a smug smile on her lips The Priestess: Where do you think you are going sweetheart? You are so cute looking surprised. Haven’t you seen a woman with special powers? If you join us you could also get some, powers I mean. PANEL 5 A bullet whizes past Patrick's head to the Priestess Pamela (O.S): He does not need you filthy power. PANEL 6 The priestess gins, she is holding the bullet between her teeth, PANEL 7 She is spitting out the bullet. The Priestess: I'll be right back love.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 16 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 16 PANEL 1 She appeares in front of Pamela, PANEL 2 She lifts Pamela up PANEL 3 She throws her. You show Pamela being thrown, she is in the air heading towards a point of impact with speed and force PANEL 4 Pamela lands on the pulpit stairs, breaking it. PANEL 5 Patrick runs out of the church. She the church entrance. Patrick is long gone outside and still running to the gates PANEL 6 Pamela looks like she is in pain. She is trying to get up. PANEL 7 the Priestess has her lifted again. PANEL 8 Pamela crashes into a row of church pews. SFX: sounds of broken everything including her bone
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 17 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 17 PANEL 1 is cracking her neck knuckles. She is still on the broken benches, but she is smiling now. SFX: kpra Pamela: Okay he must be far from here now. PANEL 2 - 6 A series of shots of Pamela's bones, fixing them selves. PANEL 7 The priestess is before a laughing Pamela, she is reaching down to grab her again. PANEL 8 The Priestess has crashed/ is crashing through the stained glass window behind the pulpit. PANEL 9 The priestess is outside the church building, on broken stained glass, she is shocked.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - 18 - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - PAGE 18 PANEL 1 The priestess stands up (is standing up) PANEL 2 The priestess has jumped off the ground, is going back into the church through the window she was thrown out of. PANEL 3 She appears in front of Pamela who is now heading to the exit. PANEL 4 Pamela's hand as she stabs a tranquilzer into the priestess's neck. Pamela: I'm bored of you. PANEL 5 The priestes is falling to the ground as Pamela is walking away PANEL 6 A shot of the church. Every body inside is fast asleep.
African - Nigerian Comicbook - LORDS - episode 2 - Creator's note - Fabling - Fablingpam - Fablingverse - Creator’s Note So you're still here!!! I'm glad. Your being here makes everything worth it. Did you enjoy this episode? If you did, please share it with your friends. The next episode will be out on the 31st of March. I need to dedicate February to boosting my website's alexa rank. I'll really appreciate it if you could help me with it by sharing the stories in The Fablingverse that you love. Remember how Lords was originally meant to be a fan-fiction? Can you guess which character is the avatar of a Nigerian star? Clue; even though I changed their faces, I kept their names. The character cards are below. You may be surprised. Oh, there is one non-star there. That's my junior brother Obinna. He annoys me a lot so I banished him to earth 57. Yes, I have that power See you again after episode 3
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