LORDS – Episode 0

The Demiurge, the reverse personality of the creator, tried to take over the creator and destroy the Fablingverse to satisfy her need for destruction, but she was defeated by the writer, and cast into a world she cannot escape from. At first all hopes of escape was lost, then Fate, wanting revenge on the Writer, brings her the book of Fate, a tool that will help her bring the writer into her world and help her escape to destroy the Fablingverse

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Everybody’s Man – Chapter – 2

She helped him in then shot the door before leading him to her couch. Trying not to say what was on her mind - and she had a lot on her mind - she stared at him with pity. She knew why he did it, why he had sex with every skirt. She believed she knew why, but she could never bring her self to have that conversation with him, plus he was tired, now would not be the time to talk.

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