The Tale of Omekagu – Chapter Two

The tale of Omekagu, An Igbo folk tale

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That night, as Omekagu snuck into his stepmother’s kitchen to eat the large portion of Antelope meat that his step brother had left for him, the village’s dibia got a divination from the gods for Omekagu’s brother. Before the cock crowed, the dibia was at the palace demanding an audience with the king’s first son.

“Why will the Gods request my first son?” asked the king. “Have they not heard of Omekaguu?”

The dibia gave a warning. “The man who tells the child to catch a rat must also teach him to skin the rat.” The king thought about the dibia’s warning before responding. “What does that have to do with my son?”

Omekagu’s mother was seated beside him and seemed to understand what the dibia said, since she flashed a devious smile at him.

“Call me your first son.” the dibia demanded.

Omekagu was about to enter the palace when he overheard the conversation and ran to fetch his brother.

“Igwe, Lolo.” Omekagu’s brother greeted the king and queen as he entered. They had not sent for him so they were surprised to see him.

“Dibia Agwu.” He greeted

“The first son.’ The dibia said. “Did you rest well?” He asked.

“The gods have a quest for you.” the dibia said. “Walk with me.”

Omekagu obeyed and left the palace with the dibia, leaving the king and queen watching after them with malice. Omekagu’s brother followed the dibia out of the palace without another word to his parents.

As they walked, the dibia informed him about the quest. He told him that the gods wanted him to walk into the spirit land to retrieve a flute. Omekagu’s brother nodded and began his journey.

Meanwhile, in the village, word spread that the Gods had sent Omekagu’s brother on a quest, and the villagers began to speculate that it meant that the young man would become the next king. The excitement got to the king and he became restless. He had to do something. If not, Omekagu may be put at a disadvantage. So he called for the village elders.

The king explained the situation to the elders, how the dibia had come to the palace and chosen his first son for a quest, leaving Omekagu in a precarious position. The elders listened attentively, their expressions grave.


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