Once upon a time there was a girl with a wild imagination, a couple split personalities and a loyal alter ego. The girl found it awkward relating with people and would rather spend her time alone, interacting with her mental friends. They would create scenarios in her head and watch them play out, and as she grew, the scenarios became stories which she wrote down occasionally. And soon there was a big bang.

Pamela N. Okpala

I am a Story Creator, Developer and Scriptwriter. I graduated as the best script writer from PEFTI film institute in 2013, I have a B.sc in Business administration, and a certificate in Acting from Royal Arts Academy. I’ve worked with several companies as a staff writer, story consultant, research trainee, Voice over talent. Video Editor and Digital Marketer. I believe in constant growth and development. Learning is a life long job. You can only immediately give what you have.


Hi, I am the Alter Ego of the Creator, Pamela Okpala. I am the most powerful being in all of the Fablingverse, I can do and undo as long as the creative law allows me. No, this does not mean that the creative force is more powerful than me. The creative force is like the will of the creator, it creates life but is neither alive nor dead, it is complicated. But what is important is me, you came here for me. I am the most powerful being in the Fablingverse. I also enjoy observing the humans in your world and those in mine and gossiping about them with the creator.

Divine Favour

Divine Favour Nwachukwu Is a Nigerian comic book artist hailing from Nnewi south local government area of Anambra state. He has done work mainly for local and the American indie comics market

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