Everybody’s Man – Chapter 6

The months ran fast for Femi. He put in his resignation after accepting his new job at another bank and tomorrow he would resume work at at his new place of work. He should have been be excited, but he wasn’t. He wanted to go to Alero’s apartment, but he did not want to be a pest.

“Just go and knock on her door, you are a pest and she accepts you for it.” The voice in his head said.

“Shut up.” He had begun to answer the voice out loud when he was in the university. Sometimes the voice went silent and other times the voice became excited that its presence was acknowledged. This was one of those days.

“You know I’m right, she thinks you are a pest. Her boyfriend left her because of you.”

“Please shut up.” He mumbled and went to his wine cellar to pour himself a full glass of schnapps.

“Drinking won’t solve your problems. You need to fix yourself, everybody calls you the community….

A knock on his door interrupted his brain.

He knew who it was from the knock. “I’m coming Alero.” He dropped his still full glass on the cellar counter and let her in.

“You did not come over last night.” She said as she walked in. “What’s up with you? Are you okay?”

“I take a break from servicing the world and you’re worried?” He laughed.

She spotted the full glass on his cellar’s counter, then looked round his living room. It was neat, not a sign that a woman had slept over.

“Yes Femi, I’m worried. When was the last time you slept with anybody?”

“My Former HR, last two weeks.” He answered.

“Two whole weeks wow!” She said. “Let me guess, you are finally realising that the screams of orgasms you get from those women won’t fill the hole in your heart?”

“Who said there is a hole in my heart?” He laughed as he walked to turn on his television.

“Did you get tested for STD?” She asked, still not convinced that he was okay.

“I did actually, and I’m suprisingly clean. Even did a full check and I’m probably the healthiest man on earth.” He answered.

His TV came on and flashed the game he had been playing two months ago.

“I’m amazed to hear that.” She said, “Wait, you never unplugged the Xbox?”

“Yeah, you’ve not been here for 2 months.” He grabbed a controller and threw it to her.

She caught it. “Wait.” She smiled. “I want to give you an edge today.”

She grabbed his glass of schnapps and drowned it. Then resumed next to him on the couch. Drunk, and ready to woop his ass.

To be continued

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