Let’s Play – Chapter 22

Let’s Play – Chapter 22: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

After I left the hospital I received a call from Bola reminding me that I had promised to spend a night at his place. Personally because some part of me I did not know was missing him, plus I did not feel like sleeping in my room alone since I had slept in peacefully while my best friend was wherever she was suffering.
As I stepped into his compound, I noticed a red range rover and I felt a tug at my heart for some reason like; 0ne, who was he with? A girl or a guy, or Cynthia, two, well, one summed it all. I cautiously walked to his door. I took a deep before I lifted my hand to knock on his door,
Knock, knock, knock, went my nervous fist ten I waited. I was about to knock again when I heard a light feminine voice, it sounded motherly too. I swallowed hard hoping it was not his mother,
“Come in,” The elderly voice said
I obeyed the voice and entered is house to be greeted by a woman in her late forties wearing a yellow caftan on a black skinny jean, on her left hand she wore a black Louis Viton bag
“Good evening ma” I tried to compose myself after shutting the door behind me but failed woefully
“You must be Daniella. What a lovely name.” It would have sounded like a compliment is she hadn’t said it with a straight indifferent face.
“Thank you” I replied politely before adding “You must be Bola’s mother”
“No, but I am like a mother to him. I am actually Cynthia’s mother” my lips formed a brief O and she continued. ‘Did you know that my daughter and your boyfriend are betrothed?” She let her eyes search mine like she expected to see the answer and not hear it. “You did” She did find the answer so nodded my head “You don’t love him” Her eyes still kept on searching mine but this time she found something else other than her answer, she found the truth that I had been denying all long ‘Did I love him?’
‘Stay away from my future son-in-law” Even she could not accept the truth.
“Thank you” I finally spoke through the pressure in my chest “You are a good mother and I admire you”
‘And what does that have to do with all I have said?” This time she did not search my eyes, she questioned it and I felt even more intimidated
“I mean, I am in love with Bola” I used my palms to cove my mouth the moment that venomous words fell out of it. What is happening to me? I asked myself and refrained from speaking again with my hands to help me.
“I know your type” She continued like I had not even said a word. She smirked and put her right hand into her bad and brought out a cheque book and a pen. “So what is your price?” She smirked “Playing hard to get I see” She continued as I refused to take my hands away from my mouth afraid of whatever I might say next
“500 should keep you away’ I did not respond. She smirked again “A million then” I still did not respond. She finally smiled and tore out the cheque slip and stretched her hand towards me so I would take it. But my hands were preoccupied with preventing me from talking.
Like a shadow threatened by darkness, her smile faded, she hissed then threw the cheque slip at me but gravity pushed it back as it fell, My eyes moved from the slip on the floor to her as she kept the cheque book back into her bag with her pen then walk past me, I turned slightly as my eyes followed her till she shut the door behind herself.
The moment she left the tension in the air slowly subsided and I dropped my hands from my mouth letting out a sigh of relief. My eyes darted back to the cheque and for the first time since I had been to his house I noticed that he had a leopard print rug, I subconscious was trying to distract me from reality again. I frowned at the cheque then look around like I was watching my back for spies then I grabbed the cheque from and ran into the kitchen.
I searched the drawers and cooker and cupboard then I finally found what I was looking for on top of the refrigerator. Who puts a matchbox on top of their refrigerator?

“I told you?” Cynthia smirked at my disappointment
The day before she had asked me to play a little game with her called ‘Daniella does not love you’. Convinced that along the line she could have developed some sort of feeling of love for me, I agreed. She then told me that she had called her mother already and that her mother already and asked her to pay Daniella to leave me. I was going to ask her why but I decided to listen until she was done. She brought some cables and a camera to my house the next day and here we were spying on Daniella and Cynthia’s mother.
I have to admit I had my fair share of smirking when she accidentally admitted that she loved me but after she bent to grab the cheque the smirk faded into thin air.
‘I’m going to see my mother” Cynthia said after Daniella ran into the kitchen.
I walked over to the television and turned it off then unplugged the cables. When I was through Cynthia had already left.
I decide to go to the kitchen to see if Daniella was still around. I was not really hurt about her picking money over me; I mean, If we were still playing a game, she would try to make me fall for her and still provoke money out of Cynthia, but somehow my chest still hurt me, bad
As I came down the stair I caught the smell of something burning in the air and ran towards the direction in which it came from, the kitchen. And there she was leaning over the sink.
“What are you burning,” I asked the moment I saw her
She immediately turned on the tap, coughed and turned around to face me shock written all over her face. “When did you come in?”
“I was in my room with Cynthia” her eyes diverted to her side as she mouthed to herself ‘Cynthia’. ‘What were you burning” I asked again
“Nothing,” She said too sharply and turned back to face the sink and turned off the tap. My curiosity could not take it any longer so I walked towards her.

“Argh!” Screamed when she turned around to see me behind her. But she composed herself and tried walking past me but I held her hand as I looked into the sink to see nothing in it. I noticed that the hand I held was clenched and I wanted to know what was in it but I knew she would not tell me. Not even if I threatened her. So I lifted her hand up as I step in backwards in front of her and I could have sworn I heard her heartbeat as she stood glued to the ground not breathing.
“Let me see it” I insisted but she clenched her fist even harder and shook her head. ‘Come on” I persisted but she tried to move away so I pushed my thumb against the veins leading to her palm and her fist unclenched with a sigh of pain.
At first, I could only confirm that she had burnt a piece of paper but I couldn’t tell what was in the paper until I saw the folio. I looked at her in the eyes, now I was the one shocked. She looked away from and forcefully released my grip on her hand and pushed passed me
‘Guess you won” I heard her say behind me but I just stood there not looking back not moving, not breathing, just staring at the sink.
Then like a bolt of lightning, I found myself running after her, she was about to walk past Cynthia and her mother when I caught up to her. I grabbed unto her hand to get her attention and she slowly turned to face me with the fakest smile ever!
“You promised you would spend the night here,” I said beneath my breath but she heard me
“I would feel really uncomfortable if I did” her fake smile turned into a sad one
“Is it because I won’ I could not help teasing her
“Rub it in” she turned to leave but I stopped her
“Why are you admitting defeat to a game that you won halfway into it” at first she looked confused but then her eyes lit up and the sad smile was gone
“Because I found out that I had lost the moment I decided to play” She smirked, and we both ended up laughing, our laughter subsided as we stare each other in the eyes and it felt as if we were standing in the middle of nowhere with nobody around us, our faces moved close to each other and or lips found themselves in the gentle breeze of fire that slowly graduated into flames.
A throaty cough from Cynthia brought us back to reality and we began to laugh nervously.

I was released from the boring hospital after two days of cleansing poison from my system and Ikem did not even show up.
I had gone to pay my car a visit after classes at the car park where it had been and the dust on it was overwhelming so I decided to walk to my hostel since I knew that Dan was with Bola and that meant that the game was finally over.
When I walked out of the car park I realized that I had forgotten my bag in class so I ran to get it.
I picked up my bag from the table then noticed Clara sitting with her head face down on her desk.
This was an unusual scene for me, that devil never looked sad or alone or stressed, so why was she now? Okay, I know I might have caused her a relationship, but she had caused me more, so whatever I did to her was just payback.
“Clara” I cautiously called her name. She must not have recognized my voice because she lifted up her head and I saw her eyes, red like she was high on tears, which she was. She frowned the moment her brain shot her a message that it was me who called her.
“You must feel really happy with yourself” She spat
“You can’t imagine,” I said with a smug look,
“Just leave” She wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her palm
“And miss seeing you like this?” I smirked “fat chance”
“Desmond and I were meant to get married!” She finally lost it
‘Really” I mentally received a Nobel Prize for best revenge ever and gave my long-anticipated speech with tears of joy in my eyes. ‘Oh my gosh! This is unexpected! I always dreamt of this day, but I never knew it would come so soon, I am soooo………
“My father died and the mortgage came for the house, we had to sell his shares and now we practically have nothing!” Wow! There flies my happy moment. The Nobel price faded from my hand and all the happy cheers stopped and the boos began. But I was not about to let her win my conscience.
“And how is that my cup of tea?” I asked nonchalantly
“Desmond was my ticket out, we were meant to get married!” the tears began to well down her eyes and she tried desperately to wipe it away with her blouse.
The Nobel award mentally appeared back in my hand and the crowd began to cheer again even louder now. She had planned to use him as her back up plan and I had foiled it, and probably saved her from a miserable life with him, I was a hero! Plus I did not feel bad at all, she deserved everything. Why do people who treated you badly and laughed at your every bruise your whole life expect you to feel a huge block of remorse for them when they fall?
“Look, what has been done has been done” She looked at me like I had uttered a blunder but I continued “Do you actually think he loved you? He flirted with me before I knew he was your ‘hoped to be fiancé, you might be a terrible person and not deserve anything good but you are too good for him. So wipe your tears and move on! If possible grow up, cuz a child will never know Mr. Perfect even if he hit her on the face” I finished and left her staring at my back as I left the class.
Outside the faculty, I realized how badly my little speech had made me want to see Ikem but I also realized that I did not have his number as I scrolled down my contact with a disappointed sigh. Then decided to call the car wash to pick up my car and bring it back to me, then walk back to the hostel and get a night of good long sleep, then retire to the club Retro at night to celebrate my victory against Clara and my freedom from that Chinedu psycho.
I woke up at eleven on the dot and got dressed in a black halter neck, black pencil jean and a purple stiletto boot which complimented my purple lipstick and eye shadow, and I left my hair to fall to my back and I was set.
Ten minutes later I was at the club, I walked to the bar to get my usual and the barman shot me a charming smile which I returned as I took my seat.
“The last time I offered to buy you a drink you refused it” I turned my head to my right to find them all too well familiar voice of Ikem
“Sue me” I smirked
“That’s a lovely thank you for saving your life” he smirked back. I did not reply, only look away shyly which was weird for me and I hoped he had not noticed. “So why not make it even and get me a drink instead?” ‘Sharp guy’ I thought to myself
“Okay, but you get whatever I get” he rose an eyebrow at me “Then I get whatever you get” He kept his eyebrows up but I could see amusement tingle in his eyes
“Unpredictable” He finally laughed
I ordered a Conscious coma (a mixture of some strong dry gin with fruits) and he ordered a Red light (A mixture of about twelve different alcoholic champagnes). I ended up drunk while he was only tipsy so I did not remember anything other than us drinking. But he told me that we dance then lodged but nothing happened and that I confessed to loving him and that I did not believe, because my pride would never say that, even in my subconscious.
The next day I woke up snuggled on his bare chest. It felt warm and comfy and safe until I was fully awake and y pride returned. I picked the pillow from beside me and tried to suffocate him with it but before I could completely cover his face with it flung the pillow off the bed and pinned me under his tight muscled body with an amused smirk.
“Are you the black widow?” He joked
“Maybe” I stubbornly replied
“And a virgin” he teased
“What? You!” I pushed him off me and ran into the bathroom to check myself and gave a relieved sigh when I discovered that I had not unconsciously lost my v-card. Since I was in the bathroom already I decided to have a bath. After bathing a brushed my teeth using my finger as the toothbrush. I then put on my cloth and walked out of the bathroom determined to pay him back for teasing me
“You might have got me pregnant! I’ll sue you for rape!” I began to cry fake tears while screaming at the top of my lungs.
He was on the other end of the room buttoning up his shirt when I began to scream and he immediately closed the distance between us by running or jumping, I could not tell because he was fast.
He used his hand to cover my mouth and I began to kick and punch which only made me want to rip off his shirt to really feel his chest that I had woken up to.
“You are crazy” he whispered
I licked his palm and he withdrew his hand from my mouth with a disgusted look “You have no idea” I smiled in triumph
“But you wish it really happened” he began to tease me again but I always like to have the upper hand
“If I wished for anything to happen I would have done this” I locked our lips intending to tease him but failed woefully as I got carried away. His lips are warm and soft and wow, I thought, he responded which even carried me further away and my hand began to find its way underneath his shirt to his hard muscles that I had been longing to caress
“Room service!” The voice came from outside the room “Is everything okay?”
“Yes?” Ikem moaned
“Are you sure?” The voice asked
“You heard him, get lost” I said out of breath. We both glanced at each other’s eyes and smiled before getting back to business
Well, let me just cut the story short by adding that that morning I broke my best friend and I’s promise to stay virgins till we got married. But guess what? She broke the promise before I did. Although, we both got married to our first
That’s not to say we did not have complications, Ikem and I even broke up a couple of time and dated other people just to get the others jealous and Dan and Bola had to act Romeo and Juliet to get their parent’s approval but that is an entirely different story. Oh, and Clara’s Mr. Right did face, literally. At a street basketball game.
But one thing never changed even though we all got what we wanted. We never stopped playing mind games. And our children, well? A totally different story entirely


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