The Seven Years Girlfriend

The Seven Year Girlfriend: Romance, Love Sucks, Free Short Story, Fabling Pam

Hi, my name is Pamela and this is the story of my friend.

Pamela, let’s call her that. This happened a year ago. See, my friend Pamela had been dating this guy, Bob, let’s call him that. They had been dating for seven years, they met at the supermarket shortly after she graduated from university. They hit it off, it was an instant connection, they were all over each other like it got too annoying to watch them.

Pamela was 21 when they met, he was 25, so we thought they would tie the nut after year one. He had a good job, and so did she, but after year two, they were still dating, then year three came, and year four, and five and six. How did they date for six years without getting engaged? I don’t know! But one day I asked him why he had not proposed to my friend and he said he would propose, once he was sure that he knew her. Can you believe this guy? And she also shared this his absurd ideology that you need over six years to know if you can propose to your girlfriend.

Me, being the chilled laid back girl I am, convinced her to make him put a ring on it. And in year seven, after much persuasion, Bob put a cheap ass ring on it. Oh, how happy Pamela was.

Then one day, she received his call while he was in the bathroom, it was a girl, calling him ‘Papi’. So she dug around and found out that Bob had been cheating on her with his new secretary. Did she confront him about it? No. No, she didn’t. What did she do? She went out and got herself a new boyfriend. Yes, she took my advice. No, she was still dating Bob, but the new guy, um Jon, Jon was cool, spontaneous, he made her happier than she had ever been. Then Bob found out and confronted her.

She told him that she also knew he was cheating on her and that was why she cheated on him. And he got angry, called her a liar and a whore and said that the reason he could not get married to her was that he could not trust her. My friend got angry and slapped him, and he slapped her back and beat the living shit out of her. Two weeks later we saw his wedding pictures all over Facebook.

Well, my friend is married to Jon now, he proposed after six months of dating. They got married after another six months and they have three annoying children now.

What happened to Bob? Well, we found out that Bob hadn’t always been cheating on Pamela with his current wife but with many women. And about his wife? he got married to her within six months of meeting. Wow right?

The End.

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