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He wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her close to his torso, she grabbed his neck pulling his face closer to hers as she devoured his lips, her other hand greedily searched for his belt buckle, her zip came undone and her blouse fell to her waist, she could feel his chest on her cleavage, the sound of their hearts pounding in deafening rhythm. He cupped her butt cheeks and her legs wrapped around his waist. Then he hurriedly walked into her room, slamming the door open.

He dropped her on her silk-covered bed and mounted her, trailing kisses down her neck, his lips stopped on her tit… no cleavage?… Nape?…Belly button?…

‘Okay no this is not working.’ Mayowa stopped typing and pulled back on her chair “I should have dated him, maybe I’d know what to write now. But he probably has aids, that walking sex doll.” She took a huge gulp from her coffee mug and sighed.

Her phone rang, she looked at the screen; it was her agent. She rolled her eyes “Hello Bode, yes the story is on the way. I’m just trying to edit the erotic scenes… Please don’t give yourself hope. Sure sure, I should send it in tomorrow.” She cut the phone and hung her head back. “Now how would Mark make love to Debbie?”

The thinking was not helping her; all the sex scenes in her head betrayed her character’s personality. She was one of the top Erotic Romance writers in Nigeria, her reader’s expected magic from her. They probably also thought that she had an active sex life. “Should I make more coffee? Oh, it’s 7 a.m already. I need a new source of oxygen.”

She put on her joggers and took to the streets; she almost never missed her morning jogs. The morning was filled with inspirations. She turned into the next street and waited, pretending to tie her shoelace.

“Hey.” She looked up at Mark. That was not his real name.

“Hey!” She smiled back. That was their routine. She ran into him in the morning and greeted ‘Hey’ and he replied ‘Hey.’ Then they kept running.

“So you are a writer. I saw you on TV yesterday.” He said.

‘Wait is he starting a conversation?’ She stood up ‘Should I brag or pretend to be humble?’ She smiled “Oh yes I am.”

“You write Erotica.”

“Please when you say it like that it makes me feel weird.” This was a lie. She was proud of her craft, talking about sex was her hobby. But she wanted to ease him into her weirdness. He laughed.

“You know what, here is my number. Call me.” He handed her his card and jogged away.

This was it! She smirked all the way home; she needed to exhale her emotions into the scene before she lost the moment.
Mark was the loner genius in school, a very boring young man with unpredictable sexual prowess. Titi was the school’s slut, nothing any man could do to her in bed could surprise or satisfy her. But Mark was about to turn her world upside down and over.

The End

Title challenge by Chijioke Okereke

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