A Funny Weekend of High School Boys

A Funny Weekend of Highschool Boys: Adventure Fun, Flexing, Fabling, Pam, Free Short Stories

Jadé knotted his shoelace then ran out of the house as fast as he could shouting “Mummy I’ve gone!” as the door slammed behind him. He knew his mother well, and he knew that if he had waited for one more second she would have manufactured one more house chore.

He was heading to Victor’s house, Nonso and Bosun would also be there. Victor was his childhood friend, they went to the same primary school and now the same secondary school where they met Bosun and Nonso and formed a clique ‘The Fresh Boys’ after their first term in JSS 1, and even now, in SS2, they were still Fresh.

He got to Victor’s house just in time to see him pull out in his mother’s car. They had made plans to cruise around the neighbourhood. Just basic showing off to get the attention of girls, only the Fresh girls.

To Jadé, Victor was the leader of the clique, he always came up with fun ideas. Last week he taught them how to place a mirror on their shoes while walking in other to see which girls were wearing pants, and which girls had the freshest pants. Peculiar, won that hands down. But she was a snub who felt she was better than them, so Egodi won by default.

Bosun and Nonso were directing the car out when he arrived. “Watch out for the gutter,” Bosun warned.

“I’m sitting in front!” Jadé jumped in before the other two could object, forcing them to settle for the back seat.

“Not fair! You came last.” Nonso whined. Nonso was the cute boy of the group, always acting cute, he was so cute that he could easily pass as a girl, and for some reason, girls preferred him to the rest of them.

“You want to cry?” Jadé teased.

“Cry ke? Do I look like a baby? Victor, I’m driving next!”

“I’m After Nonso!” Jadé called

“Why am I always last?” Bosun asked.

“Don’t worry everybody will drive. First, let’s go and block Peculiar. I saw her going somewhere, she should be coming back now.”

The boys drove down the road, Victor was an experienced driver for his age.

“That’s her!” Nonso said.

Victor drove the car towards her pretending he was going to hit her, she jumped, then looked back to see the class clowns. She scoffed and looked away.

“Hey Peculiar, come in let us drop you.” Victor reclined to look cool.

“No thank you.” She kept on walking.

“I told you she will say no. She is extremely boring.” Jadé said.

Peculiar hissed, opened the door and sat down. Jadé smiled to himself, a smile that Victor noticed but was not sure he approved of.

“So you are just driving around. Is this fun?” She began.

“Victor, why did you want to pick this old woman again?” Bosun asked.

“I am not an old woman! You are just a child.”

“So Peculiar where are you coming from?” Victor asked trying to sound all grown up.

She told him she had gone for a fitting. She was on her cousin’s bridal train. The conversation stretched until they dropped her off. “Bye. Victor.” She said then walked into her compound, to her barking dogs.

“Is it only Victor that she saw here?” Nonso hissed. “It’s my turn to drive!”

Victor stepped out and let Nonso drive, ‘he looks so cute in the driver’s sit.’ Jade found it weird that he was having such thoughts and shook his head. Soon it was his turn to drive, he made sure to be careful with the car. He was excited but he was not about to buy trouble. Victor had told them to practice driving their Parent’ cars before now so he knew how to drive, but Victor’s car was a 2015 Toyota Avalon xle and it was new.

Finally, it was Bosun’s turn and Lady Karma showed her pretty face. He crashed it into an electric cable pole on Victor’s street.

The time it took him to go into shock and come out was enough for Victor to jump out of the car, examine the damage, and come to terms with fate. It was bad. Their fun weekend had come to an end.

Years later Jadé and Victor would laugh about this day while playing Call of Duty, but the pain they experienced together was strong enough to dissociate them from Bosun who ditched them, begging that he did not want to enter trouble. Jadé took responsibility for crashing the car. Nonso admitted to distracting him and Victor accepted that he was an idiot. The pain their patents inflicted on them was legendary, but it also sealed their friendship.

The End

A big thanks to Precious Raphael Mikaelson for the title challenge. Looking for more fun stories? Check out Lords

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