The Day The Gods Answered

The Day The Gods Answered: Free to read short story, Humour,

Once in a while, in the Fablingverse, the gods get together and draw a raffle lot with every creature’s prayers. When a creature’s name is picked, irrespective of the motive behind their prayers, it would be answered. And that time had come, and this time, a human from Earth 1 was the winner.

Bidemi had been indoors all day, playing Neverwinter when PHCN took the light. He was just about to enter the dongeon at — with his teammates, he looked up and said, “God Why? Please, let the them bring back the light!” But the light did not come back on.

He got up to get some food from the fridge despite knowing there was no food in it, and prayed. “God please let there be food in there.” But when he opened it, it was empty.

He went to his sitting room and turned on the television to Netflix, and it had expired. He looked up and prayed, “God, A million dollars in my account would be nice.” but he got not alert.

He picked up his phone and dialed his friend’s number to ask for some money, but his friend said, “Sorry guy, Owu dey blow me, the poverty is real bro.” then he prayed for Bidemi “God will provide for us.”

Bidemi said Amen. Then lay on his bed, but he needed to eat some food, so he got up and went to the rest room, but had difficulty peeing, so even though he he knew he would get no answer, he prayed. “God please let it not be an STI.”

He didn’t even wash his hands when he left the rest room, and he went to out of his house to wait for a food hawker. But there was non, so he prayed again, “God please, if not anything, please just let a ground nut hawker appear.”

And that was it. A groundnut hawker appeared. Bidemi saw the groundnut hawker appear too and realised that the gods were alive, and the had been listening to him all day. He realised that he had made a mistake. He should have asked for something else. He prayed, “God please, not that prayer, please, a car, please I need a car.” But no car appeared.

The groundnut seller was walking away, he shouted, “Groundnut! Wait please!” then went back to praying, “Okay, okay, God please, please 1 million Naira, just one million Naira.”

He prayed and he prayed and the gods of the Fablingverse laughed. That was the sole point of the raffle, entertainment for the gods during their Once in a while meeting.



Don’t you just hate it when a mundane prayer gets answered? Want to read about somebody else being trolled by life? Check out The Night He Lost


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