Everybody’s Man – Chapter 15

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Femi got up early. He looked to his side to see Alero still asleep then he got up. “I should jug.” He threw on his juggers and headed out. 

Alero got up a lot later and noticed that Chidi was not beside her. “And I wanted to speak with him.” She dragged herself out of bed and pulled open the curtains, then went to brush her teeth.

When she was done, she got her computer out of her bag and sat back on the bed to work. 

Femi returned with a cup of coffee and signs that he had been sweating. 

“Thank you.”

“We should be leaving by 3.” He said.

“Okay.” Alero drank from her cup. “Um, Femi, did you sleep with Aisha?”

“Where did that come from?” He asked. 

“I saw her crying outside,” Alero answered.

“I did,” he answered as he grabbed a towel.

Alero pursed her lips. “Femi, there is something off about that girl.”

“I know.” He said. “It was a stupid moment.”

Alero closed her computer screen and looked out the window.

Femi stopped in his tracks to the bathroom. He looked at her. “Is there something on your mind?” 

“Femi, how long was your jog?” she asked.

“It was short,” he answered.

“Will you ever go for therapy?” she asked.

“Alero, I had sex with my last therapist,” he smirked. “I thought we closed that chapter.”

Alero got up. “I should go greet your mum and see what I can help with.”

‘She is considering dumping you.’ Femi’s inner voice said as he watched her leave his room.

‘Mummy, ekaaro.’ Alero said.

Femi’s mother was cleaning the house with her daughter. “Omo mi. Good morning. Did you sleep well?”

”I did mummy.” Alero joined them in cleaning. “Hope you slept well.”

“Aunty Alero good morning.” Femi’s sister said.

“Good morning.”

“When are you leaving?” His mother asked.

“Three,” she replied. 

“Alero, how is my son doing?” his mother asked.

“He is fine.” She picked up a tray of plates and headed to the kitchen.

His mother followed her. “You are the only person he talks with.”

“Mummy.” Alero started but realised she did not know what to say.

“Don’t leave him alone.” She said. 

Alero turned to look at her, still unable to say anything other than mummy.

“I can’t remember the last time I saw that boy happy.”

Alero placed the tray by the sink.

“Mama, I need to get something.” She excused herself. 

“Femi.” she barged into his room.

He was buttoning his cuffs. He looked up.

“I can’t keep doing this. He is dead. He was dragged down the road and stoned to death.” She shut the door behind her. “You can’t keep living like you have something to prove to him.”

Femi stared at her, stunned.

“Say something, damn it!” she demanded.

“I am not trying to prove anything to him.” He said and continued buttoning his other cuff.

“Then why do you do it?” she asked. “Why do you sleep around? Why do you drink till you blackout? Why do you scrub yourself until you bruise? Why Femi? Why?”

He didn’t answer her. Not that he didn’t want to, but that was a question he had asked himself once, he knew that having sex suspended his feeling of drowning, he knew that alcohol helped him forget his troubles, he knew that he scrubbed in disgust, but what he didn’t know was why.

“Femi answer me.” She demanded.

“You should get dressed,” Femi said. “I want to head back now.”

Alera wanted to push him for answers, she stepped closer to him and glared into his eyes. He looked away. She grunted and walked into the bathroom.


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