Everybody’s Man – Chapter 14

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“When was the last time you spoke with your former boss?” Femi’s boss asked. 

He had gone to ask her for an early exit, he was to visit his mother today, he had to beat the Lagos traffic, and that meant leaving before rush hour.

“Honestly speaking, I haven’t…” Femi said. He knew he would no longer call her once he left, but admitting that he hadn’t spoken to her in a while made him feel weird. Maybe it was because he had had sex with her the longest. 

“You should call her.” His new boss said. 

He nodded, “About leaving early?” He asked.

“Wrap up on time and ask someone to cover for you, then you can leave.” She said. 

“Thank you.” He said then walked out.

“Damn, that fine ass. Why does he have to be friends with a friend of my husband?” She muttered. 

Once he returned to his seat, Femi informed Chidi of his plan to visit his mother and asked him to cover for him, but Chidi refused, so he called Alero and had her beg her boyfriend to do him the favour. 

Femi smiled triumphantly and as Chidi reluctantly agreed. Then he packed his bag and headed out. 

The road trip with Alero felt natural, they talked about everything, Chidi’s getting back into the women’s service, Alero’s latest annoying client, Chidi’s mom’s motive, they laughed and talked about everything, but the one thing they both needed to talk about.

“Chidi is here!” His mum hugged and pulled him in. 

His mum looked sickly, he sighed “Mum you are feeling fine.”

“I’ve missed you, stubborn boy. Must I be dying before you come home?” she turned to Alero who was standing behind them smiling, waiting for her turn.

“Iyawo mi!” She pulled Alero into her arms and clutched her.

“Haha, mummy.” Alero laughed “I missed you too. Happy Birthday!”

“Hurry, come in, come in.” She pulled her into the living room where her other guests were. 

It looked like there had been a party earlier but most people had returned home. There were empty plates, bottles and glasses around, and the remaining cake on the centre table looked like it had been intentionally left for them.

“Mummy, your present,” Alero said.

“Ha! You remembered to get me a gift,” Femi’s mother took the wrapped present from her and placed it with the other gifts. “Thank you Omo mi. I’m sure my son forgot to get me one.”

“The money I sent to your account was what?” Femi asked

“Pocket money.” She pouted. “I still expect a gift.”

“By now you’ve not learned that mummy does not count money as a gift abi?” his brother said.

“Brother Dayo. Ekaaso.” Femi greeted. “Good evening oh everybody.”

“Good evening!” Alero greeted too then sat down with Femi.

“Una two never marry.” Femi’s sister asked. 

“We are just friends,” Femi replied.

“Friends. Aunty Alero you are the queen of friend-zoning o!” she replied.


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