Everybody’s Man – Chapter 9

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The next day at work was pretty decent for Femi. The HR had completely lost interest in him for some reason and he was already taking on tasks. 

“Let’s grab a drink after work,” Chidi said from his desk.

“Why, so you can follow me home to see Alero afterwards?” He tried to hide his disgust but he couldn’t.

“I don’t need to follow you to see Alero. I just want to hang.”

“Well, I don’t feel like hanging,” Femi said. Last night had left him agitated. He knew he was angry at Chidi for coming back into Alero’s life, he knew that he was scared that she would no longer have time for him – It had happened before, he knew that he wanted the best for her even though he knew that she did not find him attractive. Yet, he knew that he did not want her to abandon him even if it meant they both died single. The thought made him feel terrible and Chidi being nice to him was not helping.

“Do you—” Chidi started, “never mind.”

Work could not end any sooner. Immediate it was time to leave, he was the first out of the door. 

As he drove home, he contemplated visiting his former HR, but he believed she was finally letting him go, which was what he wanted. He was not the type to sleep with the same woman twice, but he had to with her. She was his boss, he did not want her to make working unbearable for him as she had once threatened to when he first refused to sleep with her a second time. He owed her nothing. 

¬But that was not what she thought. Femi’s former HR was furious. After everything she had done for him, all she had given him, he dared to abandon her. She would pace about her office from time to time, contemplating vengeance on the man who discarded her, like she was nothing. He did not even have the courtesy to pick up her calls. She would definitely show him that nobody treated her like crap and got away with it.¬

By the time Femi arrived, Alero was already leaving 

“To where?” he asked. His window turned down as he drove into the compound.

“I have a date with Chidi.” She said.

She was wearing black leather pants with a yellow crop top, and she had pulled out a straight wig from her wardrobe, instead of loosening her afro hair. She had put effort into her look. The last time she had done so was back in the university when she dated Chidi. The same Chidi. His name was giving Femi a headache.

“Okay, stay safe,” Femi said.

“Oh, Femi, I have something to tell you,” she started then trailed off.

“Femi, whatever you do, stay away from Aisha.”

Femi s’s mind had also trailed off. He did not hear her.

She tapped on his dashboard.

“Okay,” Femi said.

“You have my key. Don’t stay up too late, rest well. Will you be alright?” she stumbled all over her words.

It comforted Femi to know that she was still worried about him. “I’m fine, go.” he smiled, noticing the car that had parked outside. “Your lift is here.”

“Okay, good night.” She said then hurried out, not noticing that Femi’s eyes never left her back even after it disappeared. 



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