Everybody’s Man – Chapter 10

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“Is that not Femi in his car?” Chidi asked. He was escorting Alero in after their fun night at the club.

“O my God!” she exclaimed and ran to the car to check on him.

He was alive. Thank God. “What the hell, Femi.” She shouted once he woke up.

It took him a few seconds to fully wake and stop uttering ‘uh’. 

“Why would you sleep in the car? Are you trying to fall sick?” she asked.

“No, no, I was just exhausted. It wasn’t intentional. I swear.” He got out of his car and walked to her apartment ahead of her and Chidi, not wanting to have her interrogate him further.

“Maybe, next time, I’ll just come over instead,” Chidi suggested.

“It’s okay Chidi. I know you are only trying to be considerate. You don’t like seeing me worry about him.” She said, suddenly exhausted.

“You are right. I don’t like it. But I like you. And this time I want to be there for you while you are there for your friend.” he said.

Alero could not respond. Chidi was the first and the last man she had ever liked, and even though she could still not explain why she liked him, she knew that she still liked him.

He stepped forward and kissed her, and she responded.

“So you are now sleeping with the community. It’s not just Femi.” Dixon interrupted their moment.

Alero pulled away from Chidi and rolled her eyes. “A recent ex.”

Chidi smirked. “Guess I’m not the only person jealous of Femi.”

Alero punched his arm. “What are you looking for, Dixon?”

“I came to patch things up, but I see that I was right. You are just an unrepentant bit…

He did not finish his sentence. A punch from Chidi had sent him to the floor, out cold.

“Damn, let’s return to your car.” She said.

“Want to go somewhere?” He asked, shaking his hand from the hurt of knocking the lights out of a man.

“No, I just want to take a ride on you.”

Her response caught him off guard. He stammered for a bit but quickly took out his car keys. 

It was a pitch night and his car’s windows were tinted, apart from the rocking of the car, nobody could see what they did. Chidi was also effective, so Dixon had remained on the ground throughout.

Chidi pulled her into himself in a deep kiss and they made their way to his back seat. Once they were in his hands went into her blouse to respectfully free her from it. He knew her so well, he knew her body. His hands were taking her to a cloud she had once been to, and when they found their way into her pants, she remembered his body. Every shudder of orgasm reminded her body that it had once belonged to him.



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