Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 12

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 12: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

On hearing the gunshot Atutu panicked a little and didn’t notice Ebuka creep up behind him and slam the stick into his neck, knocking him out cold.

Ebuka stared at the unconscious man wondering what to do next, then he remembered the cloth line at the backyard, ran to pull it and tied him up.

In the storehouse, Oyinbo had come to terms with his fate, he was about to die, but Chukwuma had other plans, he began to kick and scream and just as Ọ̀gbeni was about to throw him off his shoulder, he clamped his teeth around his ear, pulling it with him as he went crashing to the ground beside Oyinbo. Who at this point, could only pray for mercy.

“I will kill you! I will fucking kill you!” Ọ̀gbeni declared holding on to his bleeding head then staring at his blood.

Chukwuma spat out his right ear and began to throw up. “I will make your death so painful,” Ọ̀gbeni said menacingly, taking a threatening step towards Chukwuma. Just then the door flung open and a panicking Ebuka rushed in with his stick.

Ọ̀gbeni turned to shoot him but missed his shot again as Chukwuma launched at his ankles and bit hard. “You little piece of shit!” he kicked the little boy away but his teeth were as locked in as that of a dog that was holding on to its prey, so he pointed his gun at him, but before he could shoot, Ebuka sent the plank crashing into his head so hard that the plank broke, but the impact only made him stumble a little. Chukwuma took hold of the distraction and bit his wrist that held the gun making it drop.

Ebuka launched at Ọ̀gbeni with all his might just as Chukwuma released his wrist. While the two older men fought, Chukwuma crawled to pick up the gun.

Finally, he had a real gun in his hands, the feeling of power surged through his veins.

He looked at the two older men fighting 9one clearly a teenager), seeing how Ọ̀gbeni was beating his senior brother to a pulp, he shot at them laughing.Ọ̀gbeni froze, ‘this boy is a monster.’ he thought.

Ebuka head-butt Ọ̀gbeni to get off him.

“Get on your knees or I will shoot you. Yes, you heard me, I will kill you, I will paint this place with the colour of your brain.” Chukwuma’s menacing voice and transformation scared both his brother and Ọ̀gbeni, who was trying to talk some sense into him as he inched closer, but Ebuka dragged him back.

Ogbeni was having none of this, he shoved Ebuka and ran for the gun but Chukwuma fired at his legs, he cried, falling. The boy had a good aim for his age.

“Ebuka, tie him up!” Chukwuma commanded and Ebuka obeyed, tying up the big guy who despite his injuries tried to resist, but one look at the blood lust in Chukwuma’s eyes wedged fear into his soul.

Once the criminals had been apprehended. Ebuka strolled over to Chukwuma who was now pointing the gun at him. “You lied to me, you told me Father Christmas was real, you, I did all this my money, how do I get my money?” Chukwuma cried?” He was going to shoot him, he was going to kill him.

Ebuka had never seen this side of his brother, he knew he was responsible for the monster in front of him, he was scared, but this was his little brother. He kept walking towards him, Chukwumad did not flinch, the anger clearly steaming, when he had gotten close enough, he slowly pushed the gun down and took it from his crying brother, and in a split second, gave him the most resounding slap of h

To be continued

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is life, the slap was so great that it reset his destiny. And they all lived happily ever after.



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