Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 13

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 13: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

“I’m sorry I made you do this,” Ebuka said. He and Chukwuma were now seated on the floor. Chuckwuma had been crying his eyes out, his head resting on his brother’s legs, “I’m sorry, but father Christmas is not real.”

“Mummy and daddy will never get money now.” Chukwuma cried.

“It’s not your responsibility to worry about them, their money problem is because of them, not you, daddy is a profession onigbese, and mummy is always trying to do pass herself in showing off to the neighbours, even if you gave them money they’ll become poor again tomorrow.

Ebuka patted his brothers head some more staring at a frozen in shock Oyinbo. “I can’t believe you actually did it. How did you do it?”

Oyinbo did not wait for him to speak. “Please I’ll tell you everything, those people, they wanted to kidnap the Baalẹ́’s daughter.”

“This is new.” Ebuka smiled. “Please tell me more.”

As expected, the police arrived in the morning, everybody had gathered around the children and the three tied up men. Ebuka told the brother to keep quiet no matter what or they’ll end up in jail with the three scary men. Then he cooked up the story of how he had heard the three men plot to kidnap father Christmas, then plotted with the children to foil their plan. With the fear of jail time all the children went with his fable, The Bale rewarded them with ice cream and Christmas toys for saving his daughter, their parents were scared, grateful and proud of them, and this time for real, they all lived happily ever after, for a day, I mean, this is Nigeria.

The End

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To be continued

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