Comparing Sizes

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It was non of her business, this was not a story she should be involved with. But the two men had made it a thing, arguing about their size and sexual prowess in class, but since they were comparing sizes, she had to know the winner.

Jessica was in year 2, in the University of Ibadan studying law. She had been sheltered her whole life, without an obstacle to climb nor friend to hate. She was the definition of rich privileged, but the easy life had made her Jaded. Then there was her boyfriend, Tony. It was an arranged relationship, he was a year above her, studying law and was bound to join her parent’s law firm when he was done.

She stared at the two boys, Chidi and Dare, wondering how she could get to them, they would be quite easy. She thought, what other reason will they advertise themselves if not to get a customer. Chidi stayed in her building and Dare stayed in Tony’s building. Tony had a lifestyle that required him to frolic around with other women, and she was okay with it. He had made it clear to her from day one. She did not care since she felt nothing for him, she was also not interested in dating anybody, so technically, she had been faithful since they started dating.

She plugged in her earpiece, then walked to Dare, the boy who had argued that size mattered less than skills, yet firmly trying to establish his size was awe-inducing. “Hey, can I borrow your note?” She asked.

“I didn’t copy it.” He answered.

“Too bad.” She muttered, then turned to Chidi. “You also didn’t copy your note?”

“Of all the people in this class, why our notes?” Chidi asked.

“I was going to judge your argument by the state of your notes.” She smirked and walked out of the lecture hall.

“Hey, Jessica.” She turned to see Temi chasing her.


“Don’t do it.” He said.


“Don’t, have sex with those idiots.”

She wanted to lie that she wasn’t planning to. But she was also curious about his reaction. Temi was the first friend she made in school, and on some occasions, she had caught herself catching feelings for him, but he was from a poor him and she knew her parents would not approve of her breaking up with Tony for him, and she was not ready to leave the privileged life. So she asked. “Why shouldn’t I?”

He was flustered, but he got himself back. “They are blabbermouths. The whole school will hear about it including Tony.”

“I don’t care about what Tony hears.” She retorted

Just then they spotted Tony walking towards them with a girl clutching his arm.

“Jessica, Temi.” Tony nodded a greeting.

“Arranged husband.” She greeted.

Tony smiled and continued walking.

“Now I really want to check their sizes.” She muttered.

“How about I show you?” Temi suggested.

“What?” She asked.

“Dize and skill, what if I showed they worked?” He asked. “There is really no need to be involved with those guys.”

She knew she should say no. Temi was a good friend, she could not afford him catching feelings for her. Plus she already knew how size worked. She and Tony once had sex. It was only good for ramming into her. She made noises, yes, but it was due to the discomfort of being rammed into. She had had sex with someone before Tony, it was her first and it was a miserable ramming fest too. Skill was something she had never experienced, she did not know what it was. “Okay.” She said.

He did not expect her to agree. “Wait, you said okay?”

“Yes. Let’s head to my place now.”

Temi was flustered, he was shocked that the agreed and afraid that he had hyped himself and might not be able to deliver.

When they got to her place, Jessica asked him to join her in the shower since they had both been out all day, she was trying to also reduce the tension, and it worked, after the bath, he seemed to have relaxed and was ready to show her the mystical thing called skills. And he was skilled. Every part of her body felt good. There was ramming, it turns out it can not be avoided, but this time it felt good. Temi was not as big as Tony, but Temi felt better inside her. She shivered and bucked and they both orgasmed together.

It left her feeling confused, now she wanted to own him. To keep every woman away from him. “Hey Temi, are you awake?” She turned to him and asked. They had both collapsed on the bed and were both staring at the ceiling.

He turned to face her, smiling and pushing her hair behind her ear.

“If I broke my marriage with Tony, can we date proper?”

“Yes.” He tried to hide his excitement. “I’ve wanted to do this since I met you.” but failed.

She laughed. “Me too.”

Then she turned serious. “It won’t be easy, I’m ready to go against my parents only if you are on board.”

“I’m on board.” He said.

She sat up and dialled her Father’s number to tell him she was ending things with Tony. He was beyond angry and immediately promised that he would no longer send her pocket money, but she held firm till he cut the call on her.

Temi knew what he had to do. He sat behind her, his crotch pressing against her bum, kisses her neck, massaging her breasts, before taking his hands lower to her crotch.

She dialled Tony’s number. And broke up with him while moaning.

If sex was ever responsible for a fall from grace, it was at this point.

Jessica had let go of her privileged, her parents disowned her, Tony tried to punish her by bribing her lectures against her, her rent expired, things did not go well for her all day, but she had something to come home to, and eventually, her parents caved and asked to meet Temi. Her mother was the first to accept him, and later her father came around. Tony started his law firm and got married to another high-class lady but would forever be angry at how Jessica and Temi kept defeating him in court and running him out of business.

So I guess it all worked out for Jessica, as She and Temi live Orgasm ever after.

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