Let’s Play – Chapter 7

Let’s Play – Chapter 7: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam


I was pretty messed up through all my classes; I couldn’t stop thinking about Bolaji, it was so bad that I didn’t know when my lecturers came in and when they left.
I just stared into the air throughout and was not even aware of my class rep’s presence.
“Okonkwo” Hearing my surname snapped me out of my ‘no void’.
“Yes?” I asked keeping my face expressionless.
“Your assignment script” He handed it over to me and left the class. I looked around the class for the first time that day and I realized that I was the only one left in the class.
I looked at my script and saw that it was the assignment I that submitted in the morning ’01 OVER 10′ I mentally screamed.
It was so on!!
I left the class and marched to Bimbo’s faculty. Someone was going to lose his job and his reputation and if I’m lucky his life.
When I got to her faculty I saw her sitting in class listening to her lecturer with Clara giving her death glares, I looked at the time from my handset and saw that it was just 3:18 pm and looking back at her class through the open door it seemed she had another forty-two minutes of class.
I began to walk around the science faculty aimlessly just thinking of ways to make my sadistic lecturer’s life miserable.

I was caught off guard when I was pulled by strong arms into an empty classroom.
“Bola,” I was shocked but relieved when I saw his face.
What is wrong?” he asked with concern.
“Nothing,” I said pulling away from him but he pulled me back and I crashed into his chest “Bola” he lifted my chin up and placed a soft kiss on my lips and withdrew from me.
“You can tell me, you don’t have to trust me.” I looked at his facial expression and I was confused, he looked sad, yet concerned and still a bit angry but he had a smile playing on his lips.
“Don’t worry about it,” I said forging a smile.
“About what?” he asked.
“It’s nothing I can’t handle.” I squeezed myself out of his hold.
“Just tell me!” he insisted.
“My lecturer is trying to blackmail me.” He just walked over to a long row of seats and sat down.
“By blackmail what do you mean?” He asked, patting the seat next to him for me to sit.
I joined him then played the record on my handset.
While playing it I saw the feature on his face hardened, I never thought I would ever see Bolaji like that. And it hurt too.
“It’s okay, with this I will get him and make him regret ever knowing me.” I smiled hoping it would make him feel better. He didn’t say anything, just took my handset from my hand and I wasn’t bothered with why he did it I felt like I could trust him.
I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around my waist. I felt safe and comfortable; I could stay like that forever.
“Oh, I’m sorry!” My eyes shot open to see the beautiful model like the girl standing in front of the lecture room “I didn’t know you had company” Cynthia blushed then left.
Why would she blush?
“I have to go.” he gave me back my handset and got up from beside me “Will see you tomorrow.” As I watched him leave through the door to go after Cynthia I realized how foolish I was being to think that he could have any feeling what so ever for me. The highest I could ever be to him was a friend.
I just sat there staring at the door trying to compose myself and my thoughts. I had to get over my childhood crush.

I kept my palm on my cheek staring at Cynthia in a confused manner “Why the slap?”
“You like her don’t you?” she asked giving me death glares.
“What makes you think so?” I asked her back now recovering from the slap and sliding my palm off my face.
My head snapped sideways again as she landed her palm on my face again “What was that for?” I was now more confused than ever.
“That is for not being a man!” She raised her hand to give me another slap but I help her hand midway in the air preventing a slap that I might never be able to forget from finding my face again.
“Explain!” I demanded looking round to make sure that we were not creating a scene and was relieved to see an empty hallway.
“Bolaji! I know you don’t like me and although I wonder why seeing that we used to be best friends, I can relate with it, but have you ever stopped to think about me, if I like you?” I could see tears in her eyes.
“Do you like me?” I asked looking serious.
“No, I don’t!” I was so relieved to hear those three words from her mouth.
“Then why did you put up with it?”
“Because my mother threatened to cut my allowance if I don’t go on with it,” she emphasized on ‘it’.
I smiled knowing that we were really alike.
“I’m sorry.” I meant the apology and I saw her face soften.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! That is all you have to say after you keep on replacing my position in your life!” she shrieked and I was so glad that there was nobody around to hear her.
“What do you mean” I had never been more confused in my entire life.
“I was your best friend and you replaced me with Chibuikem, I became your fiancé and now you want to replace me with her” the tears that she had been holding back finally started pouring out.
I couldn’t help it, I hate seen girls cry. I wrapped my arms around her and walked with her to my car, I opened the passenger door for her and helped her in then got into the driver’s seat and shut the door.
“What happened to us” she looked at me with those red eyes and I felt like the world’s most terrible man alive…
“I don’t know,” I said taking her hand in mine “As we grew up I started seeing you as my sister, I never saw you as a best friend, so I never replaced you, but when my parent started with the whole forcing me to marry you, I don’t know, I probably lost it.” I stopped then stared straight ahead at the faculty because my conscience could not bear the pain of looking at her. “I stopped seeing you as a sister and you never showed any sign that you were also being pushed into the arranged marriage so I thought I could make you want out if I made myself distant from you.”
She took her hand away from mine and I watched her wipe her tears with the back of her palm, I removed my neatly folded hankie from my trouser pocket and helped her wipe the tears.
“Could we ever return back to the way we used to be?” she asked it more like a statement

“Yes,” that word pumped a lot of life into me as I reached out and hugged him.
We sat silently in the car not saying anything to each other but a content smile on our faces. If you asked me, I never thought that Bolaji and I would ever stay friends if we ever came to this realization and I was glad he still wanted to stay friends.
“Sorry for all the nagging,” I said breaking the comfortable silence.
He laughed then smiled “that was intentional?”
“Yes, it was.” I laughed too.
“Sorry for the sarcasm.” he laughed again then looked at me and smiled “Maybe you really were my best friend and I was too stupid to notice.” I laughed at his admission and he gave me a playful punch on my arm which didn’t hurt at all.
“So Bo, how do we break the news to our parents?” His features darkened and I realized I shouldn’t have as asked him that question. I just had to spoil the happy mood.
That girl that he had been with walked out of the faculty and his feature lightened up again.
“You like her!” I squealed and he had to hold his hear.
“Ouch!” he said giving me a death stare.
“Tell me about it. You’ve been looking, crushing on her since your year four when she first got here, believe me, Ikem and I noticed all those times you just stared at her direction during a very important conversation” I ignored the way he was looking at me and pressed on.
“I don’t think she likes me” he looked so cute when he was sad.
“She and her best friend started this game where they played guys in a serious relationship, and as a reward for winning the girls pay them to leave their boyfriends alone”
“That’s awful!” right now I just wanted to get a few fists into her pretty little face.
“I know, but it didn’t still change how I felt” he watched her stop to hug an equally pretty girl.
“I am guessing that is her best friend,” I said trying to suppress the anger in my voice “how did you find out about the game?” I asked looking more serious.
“She told me” he was still looking at the two girls as they walked and talked.
“She likes you.” it was obvious, she wouldn’t have told him if she had no feelings for him.
“I don’t think so, she said she was only telling me because she didn’t want to hurt herself, and that she will be moving on to her next target, so I asked her to continue playing the game with me, she didn’t want to at first but she later agreed.”
“Why did you ask her to continue the game with you?” this was getting interesting.
“Because I met her once at her cousin’s party and I know for sure that she does not need the money, so she is just probably bored.”
“She loves you but she doesn’t know it yet, or else she wouldn’t be scared of getting hurt” a huge smile spread across my face “why not let us get her jealous so she realizes it.”
He smiled at me and I was so glad things had returned back to normal between us. I still didn’t like that Daniella girl but if he did then there had to be something nice about her.

After I dropped Cynthia at her house I went back to my house to meet Ikem and asked him for a favour.
Ikem and I had lived together since year three when I moved out of my parent’s house plus he was the closest I had to a friend in this university although the day Dan came over he wasn’t around, he was more of the party type
“I need you to gather information on the year four’s management lecturer and on Daniella Okonkwo,” I said.

To be continued…

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