Let’s Play – Chapter 13

Let’s Play – Chapter 13: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

“Check this out,” I said to Bolaji as I made myself a healthy sandwich of mayonnaise, sardine, and lettuce, I probably added corned beef to it, I cannot remember but it was healthy according to me. He turned to face me from the television “Mr. Okon recently booked a room in the Emirates hotel”
“That wack Hotel?” he said and refaced the television
“Well, it’s logical that he goes to a hotel where nobody will expect to see him, in order to be on the safer side” I munched almost half of the sandwich down
“Yup, that is right,” He said not looking away from the television
I swallowed the sandwich then spoke again “So, Tomorrow, I’ll put a video camera in his hotel room” I helped myself with another mouth full. It was delicious
“I would ask you how you hoped to do that, but then again, it is you,” He said still not taking his eyes away from the television and I smiled to his compliment and continued eating my sandwich
I got up very early on Saturday, did not bother to take a shower since I would be taking one at the hotel, even though I was going there on a ‘mission’, that Bolaji would pay for; yes, that was the main reason I wanted to enjoy it till the last, I was also going to order for room service till I could not move, even though I very well doubted the dining service of the hotel
I put on a blue t-shirt and black jeans, grabbed my car key and left but not before I smirked at myself in the mirror ‘it had to be a crime to be this good looking’

I spent the rest of the week observing Clara, avoiding Chinedu, and planning for the downfall of a certain Mister. Not my regular week, but the tide seemed to move that way, so I went along with it
I finally decided to go for the fundraiser and left Daniella to handle whatever I was going to wear. I had not seen Ikem or Chinedu all week so let’s just say my week went well
The Saturday finally came, the day I would get to ruin nutty prof’s life and the day I break the cupid’s arrow on Clara’s boyfriend.
I got dressed in denim jeans and a red off neck sweater and put my hair up in a ponytail “Dan, I’m off, will be back before the dance!” I shouted and ran out of the room with my car keys
Instead of driving to the Emirates as he expected, I drove to his house. It was exactly as Tobi had described it to Dan ”you can’t miss it'” It was big and had marbles on the wall with a huge corridor, that you could see half the whole estate from. I mentally screamed wow! And parked my car in front of the gate
I was surprised at first but I came up with the conclusion that the house belonged to his wife or he inherited it. Because the average professor’s salary would not buy that kind of house
I came down from my car, walked to the gate and pressed the ‘gate’ bell. The ‘gate’-man answered me almost immediately
“She is not around?” He answered the moment he saw me
“Who do you think I’m here for?” I asked not having a plan to leave until I saw his wife, although I already had a plan B
“Joan, his daughter,” he said offhandedly like I was wasting his time just by standing there
“I’m here to see Mrs Okon” I maintained my calm mode of speech
“Why,” he asked rather rudely
“Don’t annoy me, even though it is your job?” I said shooting him ‘daggers eyes’ then I continued “Tell her I’m here from the school, that her husband is involved and she really didn’t want to miss this” He took in what I said with a frown and closed the gate on my face, I walked to my car and sat on the hood waiting for the unlucky wife to come out
After a few minutes of waiting for her she hurried outside the gate and stopped when she saw me
“Good morning ma” I greeted warmly
“Good morning, how may I help you?” She asked like she really meant the ‘help’ part
I stood up straight and answered her “My name Is Bimbo, I’m a student of Unilag, Your husband asked me to pick you up”
“My husband, why?” She looked too surprised
“Beats me” I shrugged
“Are we going in your car?” She asked, sort of looking down on my car. It was a 2004 Mercedes, but to me, it was still the best car in the world. Not everybody could be as rich as she was
“Well ma, I’ll prefer you came in your car since I do not plan on waiting for you,” I said smugly and laid back on the hood of my car and folded my hand on my chest
“Okay, wait for a second, and I have a GPRS on my car so don’t try anything stupid” She warned as she went in and I did not blame her for being suspicious. If some random person came to my house and told me to follow them, I would not. But then again, I knew she was a lawyer, plus every woman let’s curiosity lead them when it comes to their husbands
The gates to the mansion opened up after about twenty minutes and a black Lamborghini drove out ‘no wonder she looked down at my car’. I got into my own car and started the engine and waved to her to follow me
When we got to a quiet street she honked her horn for me and I slowed down a little so our cars were beside each other
“Where are we going again?” She wound down her window down and asked
“Don’t worry, three more turns and you will find out?” I said then picked up a little speed
We finally got to the hotel and disgust was written all over her face as she got down from her car. I did not blame her again. The hotel was nothing to write home about. It was old and not fascinating, the gates were rusted and the doors looked like a little puff from Barbie would tear it all down. I walked in and she followed me but she brought out a hankie from her bag and used it to open the door, unlike me who had used my bare hand,
I walked upstairs with her following behind me when we got to the floor he had booked for us I stopped walking to face his wife
“Why did you follow me?” I asked her, intentionally locking our eyes
“Because I am curious by nature” She answered nervously and I could tell that she was going through all the possible imaginations on the reason why I had brought her there. I nodded my head and continued walking towards his room door. I took one look at his wife again then turned the handle of the door open, there was a prostitute on him and that was enough for his wife to see and get a heart attack, even though I hoped she did not because she probably did not deserve a husband like him.
“Daddy is the door behind us open,” She asked so innocently like she was not the one who had not closed it
He looked over at the door and the first person he saw was me and a smug grin spread across his face “So you finally decide to …..” he was saying, when his wife stepped into the room with her hand over her mouth and her face looking like it was going to explode any time soon.
Instead of throwing the prostitute away like most men would do, he just laid there, staring at his wife with guilt written all over his face and she staring back at him with rage, disappointment, shock, what can you think of written all over her face.
The prostitute grabbed the blanket from the bed, covered herself with it and stood up from the bed then picked her cloth up from the floor and walked into the bathroom leaving nutty prof naked on the bed, I had to turn my head away from the bed because the sight was disturbing
After a minute she came out of the bathroom fully clothed with the bed sheet dragging on the floor behind her. She threw it on him to cover him up then picked up her purse and walked towards me, the door, I was standing next to the door.
I put my hand in my pocket and brought out a bundle of one thousand naira note and counted out ten and gave it to her
“The camcorder is behind the television set,” She said as she took the money
“Thank you” I quietly said then added “You do know you are gifted right? There are a lot of things you can do with your life apart from this”
She gave me a sad smile then walked out of the room.

To be continued…

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