Let’s Play – Chapter 17

Let’s Play – Chapter 17: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

“Darling you are awake” I slowly opened my eyes to see the voice that had called me darling and I screamed so loud that I was sure that the president could hear me, but of course he had more important things to do so he could not come to my rescue.
“Nobody will hear you,” He said in a calm and controlled voice that irked me even more. I mean he had just kidnapped me, he had been trying to for the last three years and now that he had succeeded he was sounding so calm
“I know you are psycho!” I spat at him, literally
He brought his hand up to his face and wiped away the spit then cleaned his hand on his trouser. “Whit time you will get to love me”
I tried to move but I could not, I tried again but I could not, then I looked down and noticed that I was tied in a sitting position on the chair. “Get a thicker rope! Cuz I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever love you” I screamed at him
“We will see about that my love,” he said with a sad smile and left
I sighed and took a deep breath then began to scan the room I was in. It was white and clean, the seats were leather and black and the centre table was made of glass. There was a black 32 inches LCD on the wall in front of the three-seater cushion. At first, I thought that I was in a mansion with a lot of space but when I looked beside me, by my right, I saw that I was at the corner of the room and that behind me there was the only wall. I looked around the sitting room again and realization dawned on me that we were still in the school’s vicinity as the sitting room was as small as Dan and I’s bedroom, although he seemed to have another room inside, but that only meant that he had rented the middle-class apartment. There were only two halls that offered the middle-class apartments which contained a bathroom and toilet, a sitting room, a kitchen and a parlour. And those halls were Morgan hall and Atide hall. Morgan hall had mostly female students and was quite noisy, I had stayed there before. So I was probably in Atide hall.
I bowed my head in frustration and silently prayed that Daniella would notice that I was missing and call my parents who would go to any length to find me.

I sent a text message to Bimbo telling her that Bola would take me home because I knew I would be coming home late but when I got home she was not there. I wanted to call her phone but I decided not to because I was already used to not seeing her at home in the night when it was not a school night.
I took of my cloth and got into my pyjamas then laid face up on the bed and my mind raced back to the early part of the night when I was with Bola.
I allowed a few teardrops escape from my eyes as I remembered when we were making out. How could I? I kept on asking myself. How could I have fallen for him? Not that I would never fall for anybody in the future, I just did not need this now, and most especially to fall for him. The same guy that I had felt so heartbroken after the first day we met when he had left without even bothering to give me his name. I did not even know him then and yet, he leaving me had left me in a haze. Now that I knew him what would I do if he ever left again?
I finally fell into the comforting world of slumber in hopes that the worse to come would never come, in hopes that he and Cynthia would break up and in hopes that my heart would never be broken for it was a feeling that I had never felt but had witnessed people go through, even Bimbo when Clara had stolen her boyfriend and I had decided that I would never allow myself to ever go through it, that I would never give my heart to anybody so that the ball would always be in my court. But now it seemed like my sweet little plan was falling apart.
The next day I decided to go on with my life and pretend that the previous night had not happened. I woke up, had my bath, brushed my teeth, got dressed picked up my bible and decided to go to church. I had not been there for a while, a really long while.
Before I left the room I sent a message to Bimbo to tell her that I would not be at home but like before I did not receive a delivery message.
I found it very hard to concentrate in church because of the feeling that something was wrong kept on bugging me. The pastor went on and on and all I could hear was ‘what is going on?’
After the service, I went back home, did my assignment, and slept off silently praying that when I woke up she would have come back
I heard several loud bangs in my sleep before I realised that it was coming from the real world. I jumped up from the bed half in excitement that she had come back and half ready to strangle her for making me worry.
“Bimbo…..” I trailed off as I opened the door to see no other person but Clara at the front of my door. I hissed and walked to the bed and sat down. “What are you here for?” I yawned and asked in annoyance
She shut the door behind her moved dangerously with a hint of nervousness towards me and put her hand in her bag then asked: “Where is Bimbo?”
“I do not know” I yawned again. Then my eyes widened in shock as I stared at her hand come out of her bag with a small black gun “Tell me where she is or I will kill you” She threatened
“I don’t know” I answered again and she pointed the gun towards my head.
At first, I was scared but then I got that weird feeling that she was only bluffing. I mean she could be a bitch twenty-three seven but she was not the killer type. I smirked at the gun and shook my head. “Why do you want to kill me?” I asked
“I do not want to kill you” She replied nervously “I came for Bimbo”
“Why?” I asked again
“Because she ruined my life”
“No, she did not”
“Yes she did” she insisted
“Okay, if that is the case,” I said as I stood up to stand face to face with her. She immediately rose her gun so that it pointed to my forehead again.
I could try the action film thing, where the hero grabbed the gun from the antagonist’s hand, but when I last checked my schedule, dying was not on it. What if I tried to grab the gun and she pulled the trigger or worse, I pulled the trigger and ended up killing her? That would put an entirely different incomprehensible turn to my story.
I looked into her eyes and sighed then continued speaking “If you killed her you would also have to kill me because then I would report you to the police and have you arrested”
“I was going to kill you too” she smirked
“In that case, I would not tell you where she is, that way you would kill me then she would find out and either way you would go to jail,” I said
“No, I wouldn’t. I would kill you, wait till she came back, kill her then leave” She said with a smug look
“See I would like to deceive you but seriously, did you think of this plan?” I raised an eyebrow at her “I have neighbours, you banged at my door, you will be the first obvious suspect. You think she ruined your life? The fact that you are standing here means the job was not complete. Do you think she will come back to find me dead and not pick you as the first suspect? Do you think she will send you to jail? She will send you to hell with the list possible body parts” I sighed seeing that she still tried her best to maintain a hard look on her face even though I could clearly tell that she was getting very nervous because her hand on the gun had begun to shiver
“I said I would kill the two of you” She tried to reassure herself
“Weren’t you listening?” I asked “If you killed the two of us you would have to kill the neighbours, our parents and anybody that will ensure that you were caught. And I really don’t want to think about how disappointed your parents would be. What will this be? A crime of passion”
“She ruined my life!” I was not sure which was louder, her voice, or the sound of the gun. I fell to the ground and shut my eyes tight “Oh my god! What have I done?” I heard her scream. She hurried to my side and knelt down beside me then picked me up and placed my head on her lap “Please don’t die, I did not mean to shoot. I did not mean to pull the trigger, please”
I waited to see that light that I heard appeared to you when you were about to die, but I did not see it, and then I realised that I also did not feel any pain in my body. I mean bullets are meant to be painful right? But I felt nothing, so I could not tell which part of my body the bullet must have hit.
Clara kept on crying beside me while my head rested on her lap with my eyes shut as I kept on wondering why I had not died yet.
Tired of waiting to die, I decided to open my eyes, and they opened with ease, I took a deep breath, and that was also easy, a teardrop from Clara’s eyes fell on my face and I immediately raised my hand to wipe it away
“You are alive!” she squealed and hugged me like she planned on killing me with a hug if the gun failed
I pushed her away from me and stood up then felt my body for any signs that I had been hit by a bullet. When I did not feel anything I looked around the room inspecting with my eyes to see if I would find the bullet or its mark. My eyes finally spotted it. It was on the wall, right behind where I had been standing, which meant that it had whizzed past my ear. “Thank you, Lord, I would never miss church again,” I said under my breath then faced the no longer cry but astonished Clara that was still kneeling down on the ground and staring up at me
“I told you, you are capital bitch but you are not a killer” I stretched my hands towards her and helped her stand up. “Tell me what really happened”
She nodded her head and then began to speak “Desmond broke up with me, he said that I was not his type and that I should not even bother hoping he would forgive me for disgracing him last night. But it was all Bimbo’s fault. She had been pushing me and I wanted to get her back, I was desperate” As she talked she began to cry.
“So you bought a gun” I stated rather than asked but intended it to be a question
“It is Desmond’s gun” She corrected me
“So you were going to implicate him” I concluded
“I did not think of it that way, all I wanted was to see her dead” She confesses. And I had already begun to develop a newfound respect for her in the hopes that she was actually smart.
“I am actually tired of standing so I will take a sit. You are welcome to sit too” I said then walked to the bed and sat down. When she made no attempt to move I Danted the bed for her to come and she came. I wanted to laugh, she looked so vulnerable. Who would have ever imagined Clara like this? If I told Bimbo she would probably have a laugh then go off to hunt her down.
After she sat down a mischievous Idea came to my mind. I would play the psychologist who only made you realise that you had more problems than you realised. I picked up her hands and looked into her eyes with the most concerned look I could summon and then spoke like a caring mother. It made me almost want to puke, but I really wanted to know why she hated Bimbo so much. “Since primary school, you have been trying to make her life so miserable, you would pick the first opportunity to frustrate her and you always treated her like she was below you”
“But I stopped” she defended herself
“That was after she began to ignore you” I corrected still with the concerned look and the motherly voice. She looked at the floor in other to avoid my eyes and a smile almost crawled unto my lips. “Then who knows why, but she finally decided to pile up all those years of ‘could have had my revenge’ into on cold mug of the ultimate revenge with cookies and now you are frustrated,” I said pretending as though I was not the one who had given her the Idea, or presented her with the names of targets for our little game
“Desmond proposed to me” She looked up at me with those pitiful eyes
“You stole Charles from her Clara, who knows, he could have also proposed to her” she bowed her head to stare at the ground again “Then you dumped him when you were sure that they had broken up. Wasn’t that in her first year of admission into the university? Do you know how devastated she was? Do you know the trauma it caused her? Not just because you broke her heart, but because she already had an opinion about every guy being the same. Clara, since that day she never had another boyfriend. Believe me, they kept on coming, they still come, but she just refuses them point blank” and that was the truth
“I’m sorry” she whispered to the ground
“I am not the one you need to tell sorry to, you know that,” I said
“I know” she whispered again
“During her WAEC examination, you planted a cheat on her then ratted on her, if I had not covered up for her and taken the blame since it was Biology and I did not need it, she would have had her paper cancelled and spent one more year at home because of you, in SS3 you spread a rumour that she had slept with half the boys in our class and she got suspended and lost the trust of her parents. They had to take her for a virginity test before she could gain their trust back. But only her parents and I knew the truth. Was that childish or pure hatred?” I continued
“I’m so sorry,” She said and I saw a teardrop fall my bed
“Now all she did was destroy your engagement and you try to fall off a hill. If I was her I would have done worse. Like hired some people to rape and rob you, have them force you to masturbate then circulate the video, beaten you halfway to death, sent you to a coma, but no, she did nothing, all she did was break your engagement.” I looked at her and saw that she was already crying profusely and I smiled. This was what I had been waiting for. I lifted her head up so that she would look at me. Her eyes were red and swollen and her makeup had become slimy and was slipping down her face.
I hugged her in order to intimidate her more and it worked. She began to cry more loudly and I Danted her back. This was just too priceless, seeing Clara like this; Bimbo would kill to see this.
“I know you did all these out of hatred, it was not just a game to you. But the question is why?” I asked “Nobody just woke up and developed that amount of hatred then channelled it towards a random human being” I stopped Dating her back and gently pulled her away from me so that I could see her face “Except you are a psychopath”
“I am not a psychopath,” she said with a shaky voice
“Then tell me. What really happened?” I persisted still with the motherly look and the caring voice.
“It started the first day I saw her when she resumed at her school. All the teachers immediately liked her and so did everybody. Even you”
I was taken aback by those two last words “Me?”
“You used to be one of my friends but you left me alone to become her friend”

To be continued…

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