Let’s Play – Chapter 18

Let’s Play – Chapter 18: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

I kept on staring at the guy sitting in front of me with maximum curiosity. Why had he even kidnapped me in the first place, I mean, I can understand why any guy should be obsessed with me, even I am obsessed with myself. But this was just plain, weird
“Why are you looking at me like that?” He asked with an amused tone in his voice
“Because you haven’t ‘explained’ why you kidnapped me” I emphasised on the word explained because I really needed one. But instead of giving me an explanation he just went into what I supposed he used as a room since I had been tied to the same place for the whole night.
After a few seconds he came out from his room with a wooden chair, he dragged the chair to my front and turned it around so that its back faced me then he sat down with his legs on the two sides of the chair and his head rested on his hands which were folded on the top of the chair then he stared deep into my eyes, so deep that I felt like a puppy who had done something nutty and was getting a stare down from its master but I tried to retain a hard face through it all.
“Because I am going to get married to you, you will have my kids, and we will live happily ever after” the last part of his sentence seemed to dawn on me in slow motion, time froze and a volcano erupted from the core of my stomach and sprawled all over his face and the floor between us. A good thing the rest of his body was behind the chair.
“Wow, that’s how much I disgust you” The sarcasm was clear in his voice as he stood up like I had just thrown a pot of acid on him, he left me once again and went inside his room. I looked around the sitting room for the gazillionth time since he kidnapped me and I sighed, I was already bored and wanted to go back home. Not to my hostel, home, to my parents, so they can lock up this psychopath Chinedu of a guy.
His last statement rang in my head and somehow I felt like I had heard a similar statement before, Ikem popped up in my head and the details of last night began to come back to me.
I was so pissed off at Ikem for being so egocentric and acting like I was a little girl. Well, with the way I acted, I did not blame him, but something about that guy just brought out the worst in me. Every time I saw him I had this strange urge to kill him but to kiss him first, probably kiss him to death, and he was not even helping. It was like he really wanted me to kill him. Again, I am weird
After I left him in the faculty I had this urge to go back upstairs to meet him and apologize for the way I had acted, but I shook it off and decided to head back to the hall to see if I had succeeded in increasing the crack that I had already put on the fence of Clara’s heart.
I walked slowly but determined into towards the hall but I never got to complete the journey, because apparently, careless me was not paying attention to my surrounding and so did not notice when a soft cotton cloth went over my nose and the strong smell of chloroform knocked me out.
I looked at the floor in front of me and my stomach felt like it was swirling again, but there was no food left in it after the first time. The sight of my Vomit made me sick. I had not really eaten anything so it was composed mainly of water and some white particles that must have been the leftover from the rice I had eaten two days ago
I wondered what Dan was doing if she had realised that I was missing or if I had not even crossed her mind. I reassured myself that she would find out that something was wrong and go looking for me since I was supposed to drive her home after the fundraiser. She would have called my number a lot and when there was no reply she would become suspicious. Bat a nagging bug in my head kept on asking me if she had even bothered calling since she was used to me having late nights and what could she even do? Go to the useless police? Put up missing posters? I was doomed!
Chinedu came out with a mop stick a bucket with foamy water in it. Then he began to mop the floor. When he was through he brought out a hanky from his pocket and wiped my mouth clean. The hanky smelt like it had been soaked in antiseptic.
Shocked, I looked confused at him and then I noticed that he had cleaned up pretty good, He now wore a blue t-shirt and his hair still looked a little wet. I kept on staring at him like he was the strangest thing I had ever seen, like a unicorn with a dinosaur’s tail, and the paws of a dog and a human’s lip.
He smirked at me then took the mop stick and bucket out of the sitting room. He came back in with wet hands and took his former sitting position
“That is no way for my future wife to behave” He teased but it sounded like a warning
“Keep on talking and you’ll need more mop sticks” I warned in a challenging tone which only made him smile
“Do you remember when we first met?” He asked with a sheepish smile
“Yes, and now I wish we never met” I spat at him again. If I continued spitting on him I would run out of saliva, I noted to myself. He brought out a different hankie from his pocket and wiped his face. “Clean freak” I hissed
“I never really understood why you despised me so much,” He said as he put the hankie back into his pocket “I really thought we could me friends”
“You are sick right?” Sarcasm clear in my tone
“Think back love” He stared into my eyes like it was going to make me remember. “You saved my life and now I only live for you”
“What?” I was shocked. I have never saved anybody’s life, killed people in my head, but never saved a life.
Instead of answering me he just stood up and went into his room. I waited there for the next three hours just staring at the clock and waiting for him to come out again, it was not like I had anything better to do. Like move from my sitting position.
I had decided that when next he came out I would ask to use the ladies then lie to him that I would be on soon. ‘Guys hate that’ that would probably scare him and he would let me go. I guessed. But after waiting for about the whole day for him to leave his room I got tired and decided to reflect on my past life. Since it seemed he had decided to put my future on hold till Dan discovers that I am missing.
My mind went back to when Daniella had asked me to gather information on that lecturer that tried to blackmail her.
“Please Bimbo, I only need specific information. Not you getting involved” She said seriously
“Then why tell me?” I could not believe that she wanted me to miss out on the action
“Because you are the best when it comes to gathering information on people” Yes I am
“Flattery would get you no were missy” I wiggled my finger in front of her face “You remember what happened to me in SS3 and I never got my revenge,” I said in the most pleading voice ever and her eyes fell down and I knew that I had just hit a soft spot
“But…” She tried to protest but I cut her off.
“To me, this is not just about having your revenge. It is making a statement” I made an attempt to get on my knees but she immediately pulled me up and at that point, I began to think of how to ruin that man’s life.
“Be careful” she sighed
My mind then went back to John. The boyfriend who I never seemed to care about because I always knew he was a player and he would cheat on me. To say the honest truth, I was only going out with him because he was the president of Dan’s faculty and He had been asking me out for so long that I lost count and Daniella forced me to go out with him because she thought I would end up getting old without children since I always clung to the past so I agreed, not just because of that but because she said I could dump him I still did not like him.
He was a really sweet guy. Seriously, sometimes he made me dinner, within the three months that we dated, he remembered my birthday, and he was perfect. But he was a player. Not that I have anything against players, it was just, I already had this opinion about guys only warming their way up into your heart so that they can cool their way down to your pant, so I could never bring myself to like him. That was why I dumped him the moment Muyiwa offered to pay me if I dumped him and I jumped at the idea and thank my stars I never got to see him again.
My mind stopped wondering and I began to count the ceiling. I had to come up with a plan and quick. I could not stay here one more day. I needed to go back to my former life.
“I want to urinate!” I could have said ‘I want to use the ladies’ but decided to use the most appalling word so that he would get disgusted and let me go, although I doubted if it would work. He came out of his room with a handcuff and my mouth dropped open
He handcuffed my hand to my back before he untied me then he led out of the sitting room to his room and I took the chance to look around it. It was the same size as the parlour but looked more spacious as it only had a ‘one thin person’ bed a table and chair and a little refrigerator. His room was also white and his bed sheet was white also.
“Clean freak!” I whispered to myself as he led me to another door inside his room
“Be quick.” He said as he opened the door.
I hurried in and he shut the door behind me. I looked around his bathroom and smirked. It was so clean that you could eat off the floor. Everything was in its place. I looked at the door handle and discovered that he had not removed the key.
I immediately backed the door so I could use my hands to lock it with the key. He must have heard the sound of the key because immediately I turned the key the first time, he tried to open the door but I was too quick
“I am never getting out of here till you tell me why you kidnapped me” I shouted
“You should be hungry. I’ll get something for you to eat” He said like he had not heard my previous statement then I heard his footsteps leave his room
“Come back here!” I demanded “I am not through with you!” but he had already left his room
I laid back on the wall in defeat then gently slid to the ground “Dan you better come find me”
I looked at the white toilet and all of a sudden I felt like using it.

To be continued…

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