Let’s Play – Chapter 19

Let’s Play – Chapter 19: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

“I never left you for Bimbo,” I said in confusion almost losing my motherly voice of concern “Where we ever friends?”
“Yes, you used to follow me everywhere, we used to do things together,” She said looking straight into my eyes and it made me flinch. Friends with Clara; that was strange even to the most stupid part of my heart. I tried to think back but I could not remember any friendly thing we ever did. All I could remember was her bossing me around, copying my assignment, eating my lunch and mocking me on how ‘not pretty’ I was. Now to think of it, I was really stupid as a child. I wish I could go back in time and slap some sense into my little head.
I was practically Clara’s slave until Bimbo came and said the first nice thing to me that Clara would never have said even in her worst nightmare

“I like your handwriting” I looked up from my desk to see the cute little girl who was standing beside me and looking at my note “My name is Bimbo”
I kept on looking up at her and wondering why she was talking to me and not Clara
“Can you lend me your note?” relief and disappointment swept over me as she asked me for my note. Nobody ever talked to me except they needed a favour
“Okay,” I said quietly and continued reading my note. I had thought that there was a reason behind the complement and her talking to me.
“What is your name?” I looked at her again, still not able to come to term with myself that the new girl was actually talking to me, the least important girl in class. My seat partner came and took his seat beside me and I was immediately snapped out of my stare frenzy at the new girl
“What is your name?” She asked again
“My name is…..”
“Hey new girl come over here” Clara called from the other end of the class and cut me off and the girls she was sitting with all giggled.
I expected Bimbo to go over to her as she should have realised that that was where the important girls were. But she ignored Clara and waited for my name
“My name is Daniella” I finally said my name
“Nice name, what does it mean?” She asked
“Honey” I answered cautiously because I expected her to leave anytime soon
“Hey, new girl didn’t you hear me?” Clara called again but Bimbo ignored her again
“Are they always like that?” She whispered loud enough for my sit partner and I to ear and my sit partner began to laugh but I did not I just kept on staring at her “Watch this” a mischievous smile spread across her face “Hey old girl! If you want to see me you stand up! Then are the old, now is the new” She called back to Clara over her shoulder and everybody began to laugh even my sit partner, but I kept on staring at her.
“Dan you should take a picture. It lasts longer” she smirked at me and I shyly stopped staring at her and looked at my book. ‘She has already shortened my name’ I kept on telling myself
“Does she talk?” She asked my sit partner and he laughed “Can you give me a sec with shyzilla here” She said to him and he immediately stood up for her
“It is a waste of your time thought, but if you get tired of her you can come and join me and my friends,” He said before he left. I felt Bimbo sit down next to me and I looked at her confused.
“Why did you pick me?” I finally summoned the courage to ask
“Because you are not like them” She pointed towards Clara and her band of merry girls who were glaring at our direction looking really pissed off.
“They will make you miserable” I gulped and stopped looking at them
“I am not afraid of girls!” She boasted and for the first time since she came to speak to me. I smiled
“Daniella, come here now!” Clara demanded. I hurriedly tried to stand up but Bimbo pushed me back down on my seat
“She does not control you” I looked at her with confusion and fear in my eyes
“Daniella!” Clara called again “If you come I will make you part of us”
I kept on looking at Bimbo “If I don’t go, will you be my friend?” I asked her
“I thought we were already friends” She answered with a smile and I smiled too sand sat back completely ignoring Clara.
That day I went home a different person and my mother noticed it, she asked me what had happened and I explained everything to her and she was also happy for me.
The next day at school Bimbo asked my sit partner to exchange seats and he agreed. During recess we both went downstairs together to get our lunch but as we were returning back to the classroom Clara and one of her friends poured their lunch on us.
I shot Bimbo an ‘I told you’ so look but she looked up at Clara and her friends who were laughing at us and a devilish smile spread across her face “I am going to destroy her face” She said behind clenched teeth and before I could say ‘uh?’ She ran towards Clara, pushed her to the floor and began to punch her fist into her face. I ran after her to stop her but when I got there I saw the other girl who had also poured her lunch on us try to hit Bimbo and I immediately pushed her to the ground. She slapped and I slapped her back then pinned her to the ground with my knees at her side and began to imprint my fist into her face.
The shears I heard from the students did not help matters as it only hyped me on to continue and as dangerous or maniac as it might sound coming from the mind of an eight years old child; the sound her screaming in pain felt priceless. At that moment something that had been locked deep in me erupted. I pushed everybody that tried to stop me from hitting her away with a force I did not know I had. Bimbo stopped hitting Clara and tried to stop me but I hit her and pushed a shocked her away, the way I felt was just unexplainable, it was like being locked in a cage for your whole life without seeing the sunlight then one faithful day you master decides to let you go to see if you would return. The feeling was amazing!
“What is going on here?” I heard a female adult’s voice behind us and I immediately stopped hitting the girl who by now could not find the voice to scream again
“Miss Chidinma, Daniella and Bimbo are bullying Clara and Rita” I heard a little girl’s voice say but did not bother to look at her. I was too busy being surprised at what I had done to Rita’s face
“That is a lie!” I heard the familiar voice of my former sit partner defend us “They had been bullying Daniella and she finally lost it”
“That’s a lie!” I heard another little girl’s voice say but I still did not look at her
“It was my fault” I looked up in shock at Bimbo, “I told her to hit her”
“No, you did not!” I shouted accusingly at her “I’m sorry Miss Chidinma but I hit them both” I looked at Clara who was now standing and getting comforted by her friends
“It’s a lie!” Clara screamed “Bimbo hit me”
“Ma, I can show you how I hit her again” I suggested to the teacher but meant it as a threat to Clara and she got the message
“No you did not” Bimbo tried to defend me again
“Stop lying, you are a new student, don’t spoil your first impression” I smiled at Bimbo then looked up at the teacher “Clara had been bullying me and making everybody hate me but yesterday Bimbo snubbed her to be my friend and so she and Rita poured their lunch on us and I finally got angry. She can pick on me but she can’t pick on my friend! So I ran at both of them and beat them up. Bimbo tried to stop me and I hit her. Look at her nose it is bleeding and we are both covered in Spaghetti and stew” I mouthed a sorry to A shocked Bimbo who probably could not believe that I could lie.
“That is what happened,” My former sit partner said and his friends agreed. Bimbo just looked angrily at me but did not speak. Rita was helped up and taken to the clinic and Clara and I had to go to the headmaster’s office.
After our brief meeting with the headmaster, we were both given a one-week suspension since we were both first-time offenders.
Bimbo got my address from our class teacher and came to see me while I was at home on suspension
“Remind me to never fight with you” she teased as I let her into my house “What did your parents do to you?”
“They blamed it on too many Cartoons and banned me from watching any station other than TBN” I shrugged
“So where is your room?” she asked and began to climb up the stairs. I stay in a duplex
“First door to your left,” I said then went up after her
When I reached my room she was already removing my books from my school bag. “Why are you doing that?”
“I told you that I needed your notes” She picked up all my notes “My driver is downstairs waiting for me,” She said then ran out of my room and I ran after her.
When we got outside my gates she turned to look at me with a knowing smile “I’ll make sure your suspension is not in vain”
When my suspension was over and I returned back to school everything was different, every one of Clara’s friend began to snub her, they all seemed independent.
I looked over my desk at Clara and she looked really sad without her friends around her. The teacher was writing something relating to social studies on the board
“Bimbo my social studies note. I whispered to her, she brought it out from under her book and handed it to me.
“You wrote my notes for me?” I whispered to her again after I went through my note and the dates were up to date
“You covered up for me” She whispered back to me and I smiled

“I was never your friend. I was you slave” I said to Clara more seriously “Take your gun and leave the police will soon be here the neighbours must have heard the gunshot” She nodded her head an left
Three hours later the police came and I made sure that I gave them a piece of my mind so bad that they dared not enter my room.
I told them that they were useless and that a fly would have gotten here faster. That the thief had left and they should go back home and sleep.
Speaking of sleep I really felt sleepy so after the police left I crawled onto the bed and dozed off.

To be continued…

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