Let’s Play – Chapter 20

Let’s Play – Chapter 20: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

Bolaji and I laid back on his car in the school parking lot just talking randomly in order to pass time till our next class. It felt like the good old days, when we were underage and not permitted to drive a car even in our wildest dreams but we would sneak out of the house when our parents were out with their other cars then park outside a club to scope girls and watch them scope us in our rides, the good old times before we both grew up.
“Remember when you bashed your mum’s car into a bus?” The question just popped out of my mouth from nowhere and I saw Bola smirk as he remembered
“Your mum stopped you from ever mentioning my name in her presence” We both exchanged glances and then busted out laughing.
It was really funny. I had been in the passenger’s see that day with Bola who had decided to drive without touching the steering wheel on the express. I know right? Death wish! An okada (the name for commercial motorbikes in Nigeria) zoomed past us, very close to Bola’s side of the car, it happened like a flash and Bola lost control of the car. He immediately tried to grab the wheel and use the break but a bus shifted to our lane and well let’s just say ‘thank God for the invention of breaks and airbags’
Our parents had to find out because someone had to pay the bus driver for damages to his bus, and speaking of damages, Bola’s mum’s car was beyond redemption. He was grounded forever although after a year he was let off. While my mum kept on thinking of the worst possible outcome that could have happened to me and banned me from ever seeing Bola again. But I faked falling sick and refused to see anyone but him and my mother just had to lighten up after making me promise that I would never get in the same car with him again.
We stopped laughing as Cynthia ran towards us with that her girlish ‘every day is rainbowish’ smile that she never seemed to stop having.
“Guess what?” She shrieked and hugged Bola and I
“You saw Santa?” I pretended to be surprised and that earned me a hard punch on my arm “Ouch! What was that for?”
“I think I am in love!” She shrieked again
“With who?” Bola asked like an overprotective big brother
“You remember Daniella’s date to the fundraiser?” She asked expectantly and we both rose our eyebrows at her “It’s him!” I smiled at her enthusiasm at the ‘love’ feeling but Bola just had this calculative look on his face
“Did he ask you out?” He asked now sounding like a protective mother hen
“No not yet, but he will when I am through with him” She squealed again and I had to hold my ear
“Good luck with that” I gave her a warm smile and looked towards the direction of the science faculty. For some reason, I had been looking that way since I parked my car.
“Hey, Bola I’ll catch up with the two of you later. I want to check out something” I left the two of them alone and walked to the faculty.
I stood in front of the faculty with my bag pack swung over my shoulder and my hands in my pocket just staring at the entrance. A familiar girl ran past me up the stairs and into the faculty.
As I was about to take my first step onto the step I saw the familiar girl come out with a very worried look on her face and I recognised her immediately. She sat down at the top of the stairs with her book on her lap and sighed.
“Excuse me you are Daniella right?” I had walked up to sit beside her and she had not even noticed
“Yes I am” She replied like I was not even there
“How is Bimbo?” I asked and she turned around to face me
“You are that guy at the fundraiser” She had a surprised look on her face and I could not tell why
“Yes, I am” I smiled “So how is Bimbo?”
“I don’ know” She went back to looking gloomy “I haven’t seen her since the fundraiser. I have this strange feeling that she is in trouble” My eyes widened in shock as I remembered that night I had thought I saw her sleeping in that Black Sudan.
Daniella noticed and her mouth fell open “Do you know anything that could at least help me find her?” She asked
“Let’s go to the Hall’s car park first and see if her car is still there” I expected her to ask me why I had suggested the car park but she did not. She hurriedly stood up and started heading there. I stood up and followed her in hopes that her car would not be there and she had decided to lodge at a hotel or something because the thought of her lodging in a hotel sort of scared my chest, but somehow my instinct just kept on telling me that something was wrong
Daniella and I searched around the car park and to my utmost disappointment, her car was still there and gathering on dust. I took in a deep breath then looked at Daniella “Do you know anybody who might have a reason what so ever to kidnap your friend?”
“Yes,” she answered almost too quickly “Can you drive me to the nearest police station?”
“Yes I can, but the police is useless” I pointed out
“So what do you propose?” She asked again
“We go to her network provider and track her number down?” I suggested but it sounded like I was asking
“What are you still waiting for?” She asked impatiently. I was about to point out to her that I had just made that suggestion like a microsecond ago but somehow I got myself to shut up. Plus the only person I liked seeing angry at me was Bimbo because that was the only emotion that I seemed to be able to draw from her.
She got into my car the moment I opened the door like it would make me drive any faster and I just shook my head and wondered why I was looking for Bimbo with her.
“So what do you know about her?” She tried to start a conversation in order to fill the silence that I was very much enjoying
“Not much” I lied. What was I to tell her? ‘Your boyfriend asked me to stalk you and her?’ Yes, that sounded pretty reasonable. Plus I wanted whatever conversation she had up her sleeves to end as soon as possible.
“So why are you helping me find her?” She asked again
“Because you looked so sad” I stated
“No there is something more. I have never spoken to you before in my entire life. And yet you asked me about my best friend. She seemed to know you cuz I saw the smirk she had on her face when you entered the hall and I saw you return it. So you both must have known from somewhere and it was apparently none of my business” She said mater-of-factly
“Yes we might have” I decide to play with her a little bit “Or I might have been the one who kidnapped her and I only came back to wipe the crime scene clean and kidnap you too”
“Ha! Very funny” She seemed to have a thing for sarcasm “I know you are Bola’s friend and whatever led to you and Bimbo meeting had to do with something less psychotic than you kidnapping her”
“You really trust him,” I said taking a quick glance at her to see her facial expression
“Who?” She asked so innocently
“I am not sure but you two seem really close so yes, you don’t seem that bad to me” She folded her arm “We are here! Finally”
We went inside the MTN building and asked for their help desk. We were then taken to a room with the customer care representative and introduced to a woman who looked old enough to pass as my mother.
“Good day ma” I greeted
“How can I help you?” She shifted her earphones from her ear to her neck and looked up at Daniella and i
“We would like you to track down a number for us. My best friend is missing!” Daniella spoke before I could
“Sorry about that but have you spoken to the police” She looked up at us and like she would not grant our request if we had not told the police first
“No, but we came here as fast as we could when we discovered that she was missing” Daniella added
“Sorry but I can’t help you except the police know,” She said and began to put her earpiece back on her ear
“Please” Daniella pleaded but the woman ignored her and began to click on the computer in front of her
Daniella looked up at me with a disappointed but ‘I told you so look’ in her eyes and I knew she could not handle the situation. And that is exactly why you do not send a girl to do a man’s job.
I removed the earphone from the woman’s ear and placed it on her keyboard and she shot me a shocked look
“See before you start the nagging” I was determined to break her because I did not like people that tried to play god or ‘I too know’ “We are customers and you have to be nice to us” She still kept on staring at me “2. The fact that we are inside here, doesn’t it tell you that we got permission to have you help us out? And three for crying out loud who do you think you are? Just because you sit in front of a computer twenty-four seven adding up on cabs and getting fatter” She tried to speak but I cut her off “You look like a mother, if your child was kidnapped and you could track her down, would you first report to the police or track her down then report to the police? It’s very simple, you take her number and you track its location” I said the last part like I was talking to a toddler “If anything happens to that girl because of you delayed us from finding where her live body was. You will never forgive yourself for it. So please ma with all due respect. Get off your high horse and help us find her”
“You are the rudest boy I have ever met!” she exclaimed and put her earpiece back on
I sighed and was about to walk out of there and cost her her job, when the man that sat beside her called Daniella “What is your friend’s number?” He asked and she wasted no time in calling it out for him.
Within minutes the man had tracked the number and apparently her phone was still on school grounds, in Atide hostel. We thank him and he warned us not to go looking for her without the police. We nodded like would hid to his warning and left but not before Daniella tapped the woman on her shoulder and when she looked at her she stuck her tongue out at her and I could have sworn I heard the man who had helped us laugh.
“Thank you for driving me there” It was already three in the evening when I parked in front of her hostel.
“You are welcome” I started my engine to leave but she did not get down “You can get out now”
“I really thought we bonded on that trip” She mocked and I raised an eyebrow at her which only made her smile “I am not getting off. You plan on going to rescue her without me and do you know what it will make her think of me?”
“I never said anything about a rescue mission” She was actually right.
“I know you will. So the only way I will be getting out of your car is if I get out of it with my best friend. Comprehend?”
“How do I get myself into stitches like this?” I sighed and drove back to my house to get my gun, which my father had given me as an eighteen-year-old birthday present. I know right? Who gives you a gun as a birthday present?

To be continued…

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