Let’s Play – Chapter 21

Let’s Play – Chapter 21: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

My stomach felt like it had been on one of those doctor 90210 shows where the fat was sucked out of my stomach and then I had gone on a hunger strike. It grumbled aloud and I could have sworn I heard a light chuckle from behind the door
‘Chinedu” I groaned then waited for a reply “Are you there?” I could barely hear my own voice he still did not answer so I kept on talking
“You know, at first when I found out that I had a stalker I was thrilled and excited. I guess that was quite selfish of me” I laughed at my own stupidity “With time I go to understand that it was not so much of an achievement. I don’t know why you like me and I really don’t care, because I will always see you as crazy for liking a girl you know nothing other than the physical details about so I am going to open this door now and come out because I’m hungry and because I want to know how far you really can go but rest assured I won’t run” I gathered the little strength left in me and turned the key open then everything went black
When I opened my eyes I was on his bed and there was a plate of food beside me. I was tempted to eat but since I blacked out I felt like I had a little more strength so I tried to see how long I could resist.
“You finally woke up” I heard his sad voice say “Eat up” He was leaning on the door
“No, I can last a little bit longer” I hissed
“You know, this is why I can’ stop loving you. No matter how bad things seem you keep on having hope.” I rose my eyebrow at him “Do you remember when we first met?”
“No?” I said like it was obvious
“I knew you wouldn’t” he continued “It was at a club. I was drinking alone with my head bent over my glass, you came up to me and asked what was wrong and because I was drunk I told you, that my girlfriend had died, you consoled me like she was going to come back to life and she did in form of you” I kept my eyebrow raised at him blinking occasionally “I tried confessing my love for you but you threw me in Jail then got a restricting order on me”
“Sad story” I whispered to myself “I’m sorry about that,” I said without meaning it and somehow I could tell that he knew because of the small look of contempt on his face
“You are sorry? YOU ARE SORRY?” his voice began to elevate then dropped “I loved you Bimbo” he moved away from the door and I noticed a kitchen knife in his right hand
“Love hurt” I silently said
“Yes, it does” He agreed with me even though I wished he had not. “That is why this is going to hurt you but hurt me more” He suddenly burst into laughter and I tried to scream but all that came out was tiny whispers “That was the last word I said to my ex-girlfriend” Somebody, anybody, anything, please help me out of this.
“Jesus if you help me out of this I promise you would see me in church on Sunday and I would listen” I prayed out but it came out as a whisper

I got down from my car outside ” hostel and Daniella helped herself out. I then walked into the gate taking a quick scan around and there was no sign of the black sedan. Maybe he had stepped out, I thought then walked towards the door.
“Is this it?” I heard Daniella ask from behind me and I turned around to see her raise the cover cloth off a black sedan and for some reason I felt my blood rush before I nodded in agreement
As I was about entering the hostel hallway a girl stepped out of her room wearing a towel and holding a bucket
“Sorry, miss,” I said to get her attention and she gave it to me
“How may I help you?” She asked irritated
I took out my handset from my pocket and showed it to her “The young man with the black sedan left it at the charity event the school hosted” I gestured at Daniella who had just walked in and stood beside me “his was his date, she is my sister so she forced me to come looking for him and she didn’t even get his name” I sighed “young love” I could feel Daniella glare at me from my side but I chose to ignore her
“O! You mean Chinedu” The girl blushed then glared at Daniella before continuing “If he is the one, then he is on the last floor and last room to your right. Room 409” She eyed Daniella and left but not before a waved a thank you to her
“Wow! Liar” Daniella exclaimed once the girl was far gone but I could tell that she was impressed

For the first time since he kidnapped me, I looked into his eyes and it looked like he was on steroid, the black of his pupil glowed and said everything but sane. I tore my eyes away from his and was greeted with an evil smirk on his lips and the knife he held close to it.
His last statement dawned on me and a tiny whimper escaped from my mouth as I mouthed “You killed your x”
“No, she killed herself. She ate the food I gave to her” He smirked and I took a quick glance the rice and stew with chicken beside me in disgust and then back at my predator who was going to make sure he saw my blood even if I was the last thing he did because I would never, not even if pigs flew fall in love with him. I decided against telling him that or spitting my despise at his face since he couldn’t hear me due to my fading voice and also since he was going to kill me anyway, why make my death sentence worse than it already was. “Don’t worry, I slipped it into your mouth when you fainted will wear out in 24hour” His face clouded in horror then he laughed at a joke that only he understood “But you will be dead by then”
He moved dangerously closer to me with his scary eyes and I tried to move but I was too weak so I lay back hoping that whatever drugs he had slipped into my mouth also affected my nervous system
“If you are wondering why I did not kill you in your dreams” He sat down on the bed next to me and kept my tray of food on the ground. “It would have been cowardly of me” yeah and deactivating me made you brave
Before I could think of another remark for his insanity, I felt my neck tighten and my eyes felt like they would pop out. For the first time, I felt like the world really spun and like I was in the middle of it. I was scared, scared of dying, scared of going to hell scared of living my friends and family but more scared that I would die without making a name for myself.
“I can never get used to seeing you like this” he chuckled maniacally and squeezed my neck even harder” My whole life flashed before my eyes; He looking sad in the bar all alone, Dan giving me the crazy scamming Idea, Clara hissing at me and Ikem, then I saw the light.

I sat on the chair beside the hospital bed that my best friend had been laying on for the past twelve hours praying silently that she made it through. Apparently, that bastard had forced a sort of slow poison into her system. Yes forced because knowing Bimbo, nothing, not even the devil himself could make her willingly take in poison.
Chibuikem had dropped us off at the hospital and left without saying a word to me or taking a second glance at Bimbo and I did not blame him. I mean, his day was going on pretty fine and I dragged him off on an adventure that he would have never planned on, then I was a complete pest all the way, and not much help at all. But deep inside I did hope that none of this affected whatever relationship he had with Bimbo.
I had not taken my eyes off of her face, maybe for a blink or two, but other than that, for the first time in our lives she had my full attention. A pity she had to be knocked out to receive it. Guilt aside, I was glad we had gotten there on time, it was too close, and she could have died. I sat down beside her on the hospital bed and watched her as blood was being dripped into her skin from a blood bag.
I could not imagine myself without her, fighting, arguing, plotting against someone we hated – drooling over a hot stranger. She was practically the sister I never had so I when Chibuikem shot that retard on his leg and he fell to the ground I ran up to him and gave him a hard kick on his family treasure and in roles on the floor grunting and crutching it but it did not stop him from yelling at me in what seemed like a victory cry “She is mine! She will soon leave you for good!” I gave him another kick, this time on his face then hurried to the bed where she lay knocked out all this while Chibuikem had already called the police
Her eyes began o flutter and I felt my heart leap half in shock and half in joy. Her eyes finally shot open and she stared blankly at the ceiling for a while
“Where am I?” She asked finally as she slightly turned her head to face me
“You are at a hospital” She sighed and turned blank for a minute before turning back to face me
“So what happened to that psycho?” If it were another girl I would have expected a question like ‘How did you find my? Why did you not come any faster? Did you hurt yourself while trying to save me? Did you save me alone?’ a smirk crept unto my lips and graduated into a light smile; I was glad to have my best friend back, the best friend that always thought of payback before reason
“Chibuikem shot him on his leg then called the police” I explained
“He has a gun licence?” She tried to ask calmly but failed as shock trailed around her voice. I nodded at her question, apparently, he did have a license. Her face went blank again but this time only for a second before she calmly asked: “Where is he?”
“He dropped at the hospital the left” For a second I saw what looked like disappointment in her eyes but between the twinkle of an eye it was gone and I made a mental note to ask her what he was to her once she was out of the hospital. “Do you need anything?” I asked standing up
“Yes food and cold water” Her voice was demanding but begging at the same time and I notice that it was also croaky and had probably been like that since she woke up but I was too busy holding back myself from jumping on her and killing her with the tightest hug ever to notice it
“Okay,” I said coolly then walked to the door “I’m off to see Bola, I’ll tell the nurse to bring it up to you” The room was filled with an awkward silence as I held the door handle to leave and I was sure we both felt it.
What the heck?
I dropped my cool girl act and ran over to her and hugged her as I let a shower of joy escape from my eyes. I thought she would push me back in shock but she returned my hug with a faint croaky whisper “I was so scared that I would never see you again” I felt her hot tears on my back and stiffened. I could not believe she was crying, and I Danted her on her back
“I was so scared too” I whispered back too then slowly withdrew from our hug. For a moment we just stared blankly at each other’s face then a small smile spread across her face and she stretched her drip-free hand and wiped away the tears in my eyes with her thumb and I did the same to her tears with my right hand as a knowing smile crept on my face too.
“Don’t ever tell anybody. Not even your grandchildren” I said seriously and we both burst into laughter and she nodded her head.
I stood up from the bed that I had not realized that I was sitting down on and walked out of the room without turning round to look at her.

To be continued…

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