Let’s Play – Chapter 16

Let’s Play – Chapter 16: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

I had to stop myself from laughing the moment Clara poured that wine on me. She did get my hair and beautiful black gown which Daniella had picked out for me wet, but then again, my hair and gown were both black so she did not achieve any major damage.
If I knew her as much as I think I do, she would not give up on him. Rather she would try harder in order to make sure I do not get him. While I, on the other hand, will definitely get him then dump him just so it hurt her.
I had told Dan that the game was over, yes the game was over. I was through playing with Clara. Now I was serious, although I was really disappointed that the worse she could do to me was to pour wine on me, she could have done better, probably poured the whole punch with its bowl on my or better still start a fight which I would pass and make her look like a fool. But no! She poured a stupid wine on me.
While I was dancing, flirting with Desmond I had seen Ikem leave the hall, I wondered if he left because he was bored, tired, jealous or probably disgusted. But whatever his reason for leaving was, it did not change the fact that he owed me serious explanations, one being why he was stalking me. Now to think of it, the idea that someone who was not psycho, but hot was stalking me got me excited.
I decided to walk around the car park in search of the red baby boy, I did not have to walk for more than a minute before I spotted the car, but when I looked into the window he was not there. I turned around slowly scanning around the car park and buildings close to it, to see if I could spot him before I completed a 360-degree turn, I saw him on the highest balcony of the Humanities faculty.
He caught my eyes and for a few seconds, I just stood there staring at him. ‘Why are you acting so star struck?’ I asked myself and immediately shook my head then went to meet him. As I walked, I wished I did not have to go up that many steps in order to meet him, but I had to, curiosity always took the better side of me.

I got bored so I left the hall. At least that was what I kept telling myself over and over again when deep down my stupid conscience kept on screaming and mocking me ‘you are jealous’
I walked straight to my car immediately I left the hall but when I pressed the open button on the key and heard the car buttons go up, it dawned on me that I was not in the mood to drive. So I scanned my environment and spotted the balcony of the Humanities faculty.
The next day would be a Sunday, so nobody would miss me if I passed out in school.
I folded my arm and rested it on the top of the railing, the gentle breeze hit my face and a faint sad smile spread across my lips and I wondered why, for some unknown reason, I was sad but as sad as I felt, I was happy. Why? I did not know, it was just one of those times when you get a mixed-up feeling and you want it to disappear but at the same time you want it to stay a little longer.
From the balcony, I could see the full car park, the entrance to the hall, which is meant to be called an auditorium, but the lazy students decided to shorten the name, I could see two of the school’s parks, another car park, each faculty had its own car park, but since the auditorium was close to the Humanity faculty, they both shared the biggest car park in the school.
I inhaled the cool night breeze and looked at the entrance of the auditorium, wondering whether to go back inside and join my mates in dancing and probably drag Bimbo away from Desmond. Probably I was jealous because if I was not jealous, I would not have found out his name. I bent my head and rested it on the railing out of boredom but brought it back up when I saw Bimbo walk out of the auditorium. She paused at the entrance. As if an important memory had hit her hard on the face, then she continued walking towards the car park. My eyes followed her every movement as she walked round in search of something or someone, then I saw her walk towards my car, I curiously stared at her, as I wondered why she would be searching for me.
She noticed that I was not in my car and slowly turned around, I wondered if she was really searching for me, then our eyes locked. I did not want to stop staring in those eyes that seemed to glow in the dark until she shook her head in an annoyed manner and walked off,
I was taken aback, I wondered why she should be annoyed at me and a mischievous smile spread across my face, this was probably the way she would forever greet me. I was weird, usually, most girls went all gooey when I was around, some pretended not to notice me but I ended up gooey like the others. But she, she seemed to just get annoyed at my presence, like I was a challenge to a part of her like my very existence challenged her entire being. I nodded my head and looked around to see her but she had disappeared. I sighed and looked at the entrance to see if she had gone back inside to meet Desmond. Thinking of that guy annoyed me
“Start explaining why you keep on following me” I turned around almost in shock when I heard her voice from behind me. She had the cockiest smirk a girl could possibly have on her face as she stood in front of the door.
“Really? Cause to me it seems like you are the one hot on my trial” I smirked back at her
“Ha! Don’t amuse yourself too much” She said walking towards me “It leads to a deflated head”
“Ouch, I am hurt” I teased when she reached my side
She put her hand in her purse and brought out something from it then held it out in front of me. “You thought I was going to do something interesting. Right?”
I looked at the thing in her hand and I had to stop myself from smiling. I was impressed. She was really sharp
“Explain” She demanded
“What is that?” I asked as if I did not know what it was.
She sighed “It is a webcam that uses Bluetooth; apparently you have a video on your laptop that I want”
“Why do you think it belongs to me?” I asked again, I was beginning enjoy seeing her frustrated
“Because I saw your car” She looking really pissed, somehow I felt she only gets this annoyed when she was around me
“I think I like seeing you angry” I teased and she raised her hand to hit my face but I caught it in the air “Wow! That is how much you hate me” I smirked
“You disgust me.” She can.
“If you had not been doing the dance of shame a moment ago that statement might have hurt” I retorted
For a brief moment, she looked shocked and I thought that would shut her up but she bounced back at me even stronger “Ha! I knew you were jealous!” She shouted in my face
“I was not!” I defended and shot back at her “I was more of disappointed, or wait, what is that word? Disgusted”
“Don’t flatter yourself” she shut back and pulled her hand away from mine “Whatever I do is none of your business!”
“Really?” I said in a calm voice and with a settled expression as looked into her eyes and they still glowed, except that now they glowed with annoyance “Your eyes really glow in the dark”
“What?” She looked way beyond shocked and frozen and if she had a lighter complexion she would be red in the face
“Thank you for bringing my webcam,” I said as I took it from her hand and she still did not move. “But you did not have to go through the trouble,” I said as I walked away from her
“I did not bring it for you!” I heard her scream before I found myself face down on the ground with her on top of me
“If I had not landed on my hand I could have gotten injured,” I said as I spun upwards with force and she fell beside me
“What a pity” she sarcastically said and got up from the floor and landed on me too and pinned me down again
“Argh god! My cloth is going to be so stained!” I said getting annoyed
“Really?” She grabbed my collar and brought her face dangerously close “Tell me what I want to know”
“What is wrong with you?” I asked between clenched teeth “Do you have a death wish? You don’t grab a guy’s collar. Ever” I warned and pushed her to my side and got on top of her. Her eyes stopped glowing and there was this gloomy look in them that I could not place my hand on, but it seemed like fear and my anger softened. “You are not as strong as you think you are. Stop deceiving yourself”
“I never said anything about being strong,” She said even more annoyed than I was “I want answers”
“And you are not getting any?” I shot at her
“Why!” she scream-asked
“Because…….” I had no answer, I could have lied to her when she first asked me for an answer but I wanted to see her annoyed so badly that I had to pull her legs. I smiled at myself, guess I finally saw her angry side “If I stand up from you, would you leave me alone?”
“No, I want answers!” She said and grabbed my collar again
“Again with the……” My hands slipped from her sides and my lips crashed on hers. For a moment we both just laid there, staring into each other’s eyes, her eyes seemed to sink inside like her brain was telling her a horror story.
I pulled away from her and stood up then dusted my trouser, it was really dirty “I was not following you, I was following Mr. Okon. Did not expect to see you there too” I said and began to walk out the door.
“Wait” I turned around to face her “Take your webcam,” she said as she stood up from the ground. I looked at my hand and noticed that it was not there
“Thank you,” I said and began to walk out the door but stopped still facing the door “What do you have against Clara?”
“None of your business,” She said and pushed past me.
As I walked down the faculty I wondered why she was so scared, It was not like I was going to do anything to her, that was definitely a mistake, although a part of me wished it was not” She was hiding something that was clearly none of my business but I wanted to know it.
As I walked into the car park I saw a black Sedan drive past me and I could have sworn that I saw her in it and she looked like she was asleep. I shook my head and continued walking to my car scared to think that I had already begun to see her in my head.


To be continued…

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