Shayo and His New Giraffe Friend

Shayo and His New Giraffe Friend: Thriller, Free Short Stories, Fabling, Pam, Shayo, Tayo, Grief, reincarnation, paranormal

The rain was falling again so Shayo could not go out to play, he dropped his ball and kicked it lightly then sat on his butt. His mum was in the study working, and his dad had travelled again. Shayo thought of throwing a tantrum, but he clearly remembered what his mum said. “Shayo, if you disturb me one more time, I’ll take your Sunday ice cream from you.” Shayo frowned.

He stood up to look out of the window again but the rain seemed heavier, he sighed then slowly walked around the sitting room before another longing gaze out of the window. Then he walked out of the sitting room, and to the study. His mother was lost in her work.

Shayo continued his walk. He went to the fridge, opened it, then the ice cream container, it was still full. He closed the fridge then went to the store. Inside the store on the top of a pile, there was a toy giraffe. Shayo wondered what it was doing up there, he climbed to the top of the pile, trying not to make any noise, then he grabbed it, and ran into the sitting room with it.

“What is your name?” Shayo asked. “I’ll c…

“My name is Tayo,” the giraffes said.

Shayo jumped

“Don’t be afraid, I won’t hurt you.”

Shayo stopped.

“I am just a talking toy I promised.”

“Where are you from?” Shayo asked

“The other place.” It replied.  “It is the place where little children go when they leave this place.”

“Are you here to play with me?” Shayo asked

“Yes.” The giraffe answered, it’s eyes began to glow. “What game will you like to play?”

Shayo sat back down and thought.

“If the rain could stop falling, I would like to play ball.”

The giraffe’s head turned to look outside the window, the rain seemed more aggressive. “Let me see what I can do.”

The rain stopped and the sun came out.

“How did you do that?” Shayo asked.

“A miracle,” the giraffe said.

Shayo laughed, grabbed the giraffe and his ball, and ran out to play.


He set up the goal post and placed the giraffe down. This time the giraffe did not stay put, it moved, and it stretched to warm up.

Shayo kicked the ball and Tayo ran after it. They kicked the ball together, Shayo scored a lot of goals and Tayo scored some, and then Shayo got tired and laid on the grass.

Tayo joined him.

“How old are you now?” Tayo asked

“I’m five,” Shayo answered.

“You are a big boy now.” He said, “How is daddy?”

“Daddy is fine, he travels a lot. So I hardly see him.”

“What of mummy?” Tayo asked

“She is working,” Shay answered. “Do you want to see her?”

“Yes!” Tayo jumped up, then realized how eager he seamed, “yes”

Shayo grabbed him and ran into the study.

Tayo stared at her,  his brows furrowed, eyes squinted, and lips turned down.

“Mummy mummy! See my new friend, he made the rain stop falling!” Shayo said

“That’s good Shayo.” She said not lifting her head. “What’s his name?”


She looked up and at the giraffe. It looked strange, but it felt familiar. “How did you get that giraffe?”

“I found it in the store.”

“But that’s impossible, I… I burnt it.”

“Mummy.” The giraffe said.

She ran towards it and hugged it.

“Mummy do you know Tayo?” Shayo asked, but his mum just kept crying.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry, I was trying to move on, I’m sorry, we did not have the money to treat you, I’m sorry, we will change things.”

“Mummy.” The giraffe said.

She pulled back to look at it.

“Your love, not your money, brought me back.” And the lights vanished from its eyes, it was a toy again.

“Tayo, no no, Tayo don’t go.” she shook him, the giraffe did not speak, she started crying.

“He has left the giraffe,” Shayo said

His mum cried some more.

“He went into your stomach.”

She froze.

“Tayo is in your stomach,” Shayo repeated.

She stood up almost falling back down, grabbed her keys and Tayo and ran out.

“Where are we going?” Shayo asked but his mother did not reply.

She rushed out of the house, into her car and to a drug store. Then she rushed back into her car and hurried home.

Shayo sat in front of his mother’s room starring. she had shut herself in after returning from the drug store, and now he could hear her sobbing.

The door opened and she fell to the floor and hugged him. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I love you so so much.”

“What happened?” He asked.

“Your sister is in my stomach.” She replied.




Shayo and His New Giraffe Friend

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