Everybody’s Man – Chapter 1

Her cross pendant dug into the center of her breasts, pulling his eyes into them, begging him to pull her blouse lower to behold the magnificent lumps they were partially hiding. To cup them in his hands and roll his tongue around them, he had to have sex with her.
She was sitting across the bar counter, bent forward to give him a clear view, she knew he was admiring her, she wanted him, he knew it. He winked at her and she smiled, that was his cue. He walked to her side and whispered in her ear “ever had sex with a stranger behind a bar?”
She gasped, appalled, glared at him, then smirked. Femi was handsome. He was tall, he was irresistible, and he knew it. If any other man had said that to her, she probably would have poured her drink on him, stormed off and then written a lengthy angry post on Facebook. But it was him, It was Femi, Everybody’s man.

She placed her hand in his and followed him outside the bar to the back. The second they were out of view, he pushed her against the wall and ravished her lips, his right hand pushed her top down and dug into her bra, cupping the breast, rubbing the tip with his thumb. She gasped into his mouth, her breath was icy. His other hand went to work on her second breast, She pushed her head back to catch her breath, he used the break to put her right breast in his mouth. Her moans got louder, it was his cue to send his right hand up her skirt and into her pant, she began to scream, he was ravaging her, he was blowing her mind. Adaora would be disappointed in him if she saw him now.
She was always disappointing in him. She never scolded him, but her face always had a lot to say to him when he knocked on her door drunk. He was drunk, he could feel nothing, he was having sex with a stranger, he was aroused but it was not because of how sexy she was, or how tight she was, he was aroused by the effect he had on her. He moans soothed the pain in his chest, clogged his brain, nothing mattered, not his past, and not his future, all that mattered was now, and how now made him feel alive, her pleasure was his drug.

They breathed heavily against each other, they had climaxed at the same time. He kissed her one last time and pulled away then began dressing up.
“Do you want my number?” she asked.
He looked at her and smiled without breaking a beat. It was not an excited smile, it was a sad smile, there was no point sleeping with her again. She understood, got dressed and left him.
He thought of returning to the bar, but there was not point in doing that too; he had a bottle of Jack Daniels in his car, and he was ready to head home.

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  1. M.I

    Dear author,
    This post is wrongly rated. This is 18+ and should not be rated 13+

    Did you take time and read this story yourself after publishing it?

    1. fablingverse

      Thank you very much for that observation M.I. We have reviewed the story and updated the rating to 16+

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