Everybody’s Man – Chapter 12

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They had both fallen asleep in Chidi’s car and it was now morning. Chidi was the first to wake up since he had a job to get to. Alero was fast asleep on his chest, his shirt covering her bareback. He bent to kiss her forehead, but there are consequences for having sex in the back seat of your car. His neck was sprained. He groaned, waking Alero. 

She sluggishly pushed herself off him, forgetting that she was naked and in a car, outside. The windows were tinted, but still… you can never be too careful. Chidi pulled his shirt over her chest and she smiled then leaned in to kiss him.

“You’ll be late for work.” She found her shirt on the car’s floor, took his off and put hers on. 

“I really don’t mind getting a query,” he smirked. “Besides, my body hurts. I’ll just call in sick.”

“Okay, then, let’s go in. You can still cook right?” She asked.

“Do people forget how to cook?” he asked back.

She laughed. “I have.”

“No, you haven’t. You never could cook.” He laughed. “If I remember correctly, you have the Midas touch for food. Anything food you touch automatically turns to crap.”

She laughed as she opened his car to leave. “Come on, you’ll get hungry”

He got out of the car then leaned against it after pressing the lock, then he put his key in his pocket and pulled her back to him. “I’m hungry already.”

“Right here? You want us to do it right here?” Her glance was on Dayo who was outside the gate staring at them. She seemed to be on her way to work. 

“Okay, let’s go in.” He swung his arm around her and they walked past a stunned Dayo. “What’s her deal?”

“Don’t know, don’t care.” She replied.

When they got into her apartment, Chidi went into her kitchen to work his magic and she excused herself to use the restroom.

She hadn’t noticed Femi when she walked in, she was still in the clouds. When she walked out of her restroom she saw him getting up from her bed. 

“Alero,” he said.

“You slept on my bed. Are you feeling sick?” She asked, hurrying over to him.

“Yeah, I don’t feel so good. I’ll have to call in sick.” He said.

“Sorry, will you make yourself coffee?” she asked.

“Umm, Alero, my mum asked us to visit this Saturday, will you be free?”

”Her Birthday, Sure.” She said.

“Great, where did I drop my phone, I need to call the office.”

“That will be great. Chidi is also calling in sick.”

Femi got up “I feel better already.”

He headed to his apartment, luckily not running into Chidi.

Alero stared after him. “Will I have to choose again?” She asked no one.


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Everybody's Man - A semi romance lite novel by fabling pam. read free stories online, nigeria

Everybody’s Man – Chapter 11

Everybody's Man - A semi romance lite novel by fabling pam. read free stories online, nigeria

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