Everybody’s Man – Chapter 3

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It was a busy morning at the bank. Femi placed the wad of cash in the banknote counter. It was twenty pieces of one thousand naira notes. He entered the amount and details of the teller into his system, tore out the bank’s copy and returned the teller to the customer. 

She took it from him, making sure to graze his fingers. ‘I want you.’ her body language screamed.

“Please come again.” he smiled.

She started walking away, but stopped two steps away, turned around with determination in her eyes, and stretched her hand to him. 

“Call me,” she said.

There was a business card in her hand, he thought of refusing, but the look on her face stopped him. He took it and placed it in his pocket. 

“Thank you.” He smiled politely and waited till she had gone before he called for the next customer. 

“Finally!” His colleague said from his cubicle. Everybody had been watching them. “I thought she would never make a move. This is what, her tenth deposit into her account this month, guy, you get jazz for body?”

“She is a customer,” he muttered as he attended to his next customer.

“So?” His colleague whispered. “Na for here you go do am?”

“Una two just dey break company protocol anyhow.” his female colleague whispered.

“Have a good day.” Femi handed the teller to the customer.

“Femi, HR is calling you,” Titi said. She had just come down the stairs and was frowning. She did not like him.

“She likes you, you know that.” the voice in his head said.

Femi smiled at her, but she turned her nose upwards and away from him. He laughed.

“You know her type.” the voice continued. “The type who rejects herself before she tries. Then takes her anger out on the thing she wants but thinks she can’t have.”

Femi placed his out of order tag on his desk then went to answer the call.

‘It’s Femi,” he said, to let her know he was the one outside before he walked in and shut the door behind him.

She was waiting for him, seated on top of her desk, thighs spread on the two guest chairs to give him a view of her red g-string and clean shave. “You are playing hard to get, Femi.” She said with a sultry voice.

Femi wanted to take her there and then, but he had been playing hard to get. Not so she could chase him some more, but so he could feel like he had some form of power over her. She was his boss at work, but when it came to whatever their relationship was, he was her superior.

“While this is tempting, Mrs Babatunde, I’ll like to remind you that we are at work,” he said, emphasising on the Mrs and her husband’s name.

She squinted her eyes, about to scold him. 

“Oh look at her, can’t confront her shame.” The voice in his head said.

He smirked and walked towards her, then sensually pressed her thighs together, intentionally inching forward like he was going to kiss her, letting her take in his Axe Dark Temptation spray.

“You have no idea what you do to me.” She whimpered.

“Everything about us is wrong,” he replied.

“I’m fixing it,” she said. “I called a friend, put in a few favours, I’ll text you the details, you’ll get the job, and we won’t have to sneak around anymore.”

“You will still be a married woman,” he said. Still holding the promise of a kiss close to her lips.

“So?” she pulled him towards her with his tie and crashed his lips against hers. He did not resist. “You have your flings too. We can keep what we have and still have each other.”

He had her, he rubbed his palm up her thigh to tease her spot. She moaned. 

Alero would not approve of him manipulating his HR with sex, but “Don’t think of Alero now.” The voice said. “Besides, manipulating your HR is not the worst thing you’ve done, and Alero approves of nothing.”

He pulled her, rubbed her clits over the fabric of her pants and kissed her deeper when she opened her mouth to gasp. 

Pleasing a woman was easy. It only took patience and delayed gratification. 


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