Let’s Play – Chapter 2

Let’s Play – Chapter 2: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam


Today was amazing Bimbo took me to the mall on a shopping spree, a Chinese restaurant, and to Chocolate Royal and I wore my cute little top with the writing ‘GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE AND NOBODY GETS HURT.

When we got back to our room I was so tired but throughout the whole trip back home I just kept telling myself that I had to get money, not that I did not have money, but the money I had belonged to my parents, I wanted my own money and I wanted it the easy way, with a sprinkle of fun on the edge. I didn’t mind breaking a few hearts along the line. After all, to get up you have to step on a few toes but see I always knew I was greedy. My mum always told me so, even when my grandmother was about to die she looked me straight in the eyes with those wrinkled ninety-seven years old eyes and said “one day Ela I hope you find love because I could talk to you from now to my last breath and all that will go through your mind is when will she finally die!” yeah she was right. I remember already thinking that before she started talking “the only cure for a greedy heart is love” she said then shot her eyes laying still. I remembered shaking her repeatedly “Mama! Mama!” I shouted, my mother, was already drowning in her own tears, then “BOOOO!” we all stopped crying to stare at the supposed to be dead old woman.

That’s probably why grandpa loved her till his last breath. She finally died five days later but we had already shed the tears of rain for her so on that day we were all just happy that she lived a great life. Probably that was what she actually wanted.

I took out my laptop and went to Facebook. This was really simple. I had a lot of friends in school so I just went through their friend’s list, scanned for girls whose status read in a relationship, studied their bio, studied their ‘men’ and made a list. Actually, this was stage one of the game.

With my back still bent over the computer I looked at the time ‘Wow! I had spent over three hours on Facebook. I stood up to stretch then got back down with the laptop. So far I had about fifty names of potential pawns and I guessed I had enough for both Bimbo and I. this was a game, not a tax office. To say the truth I was more into the game for the fun. I mean apart from being greedy, I wasn’t even that greedy, I helped the needy ‘secretly’, I was actually nice below this though black skin,

But I was bored. I have a CGPA of 4.9, but my life has had the same old boring pattern for the last three years and this was my last year at the university! I just had to break out of this bottomless pit of ‘boredomness’ and live outside my comfort zone for once.

I opened Microsoft words and created a file for the potential pawns, potential because I still had to make sure that they were the right soldiers for this game. I placed the picture of the girls besides their ‘men’ and my findings below their pictures.


She must have been really serious about this game of hers, I was exited too but I didn’t expect her to start so soon. She called me thirty minutes ago to tell me that she had compiled the names of our targets and I should come home; that room was like our home to us, so we could get the details right.

I started leaving the club when I heard a light sexy voice from behind me.

Excuse me miss” I could imagine him already, tall dark handsome with dimples. I turned around slowly hoping that I was right and yes I was. “And you are?” I asked totally composed.

“Desmond” did he expect me to jump all over him just because he made his name sound sexy?

“Nice to meet you” I turned around and left him standing there probably dumbfounded because I could feel his eyes penetrating through my skin as I walked out of the club.

When I got home Daniella showed me the list of what she called potential pawns and a huge grin spread across my face when I saw Desmond’s picture next to Clara’s. This was going to be great! I had a bone to pick with Clara. See, we had been in the same school since primary six and she was always trying to frustrate reason out of me by flaunting her money in my face. I knew I was not rich, though my parents are, but, you know those strict parents who want you to earn everything you have? Well, they are my parents, Clara practically ratted on everything I did just to get me frustrated but I never seemed to know why. Then In my year two in the university Daniella told me to ignore her and she would leave. She left me alone but now karma was bringing us back together. Don’t you just love him? So I was going to have revenge while playing. Sweet!


To be continued

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