Let’s Play – Chapter 3

Let’s Play – Chapter 3: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam


Target one: Cynthia Ezekiel, Madly in love with Bolaji Badagry, son to the minister of finance, 700 level Medicine student. This will be easy.

‘This lecturer must be the most boring man on earth!’ I kept on telling myself as I stared out of the class, I never listened in class, just came to sign the attendance sheet, take assignments and make sure I did not miss any surprise test ‘sadistic lecturers’. But today was going to be different. I would change my daily routine from waking up, going to class, going back home, eating, reading and sleeping. Now I would add playing to the list.

The long hand finally struck twelve and ever body shouted “End of lesson!” followed with rude remarks like “Old man, go and sleep” exactly why I loved business administration students. Most of us were rebellious by nature. Before the lecturer could leave the class students were already bouncing out chitter chatting, and making so much noise that they didn’t hear the lecturer say “This is your assignment. Submit on my desk by 7 a.m. tomorrow” he turned and wrote on the board ‘GIVE THREE COUNTER ARGUMENTS AGAINST THREE MAJOR THEORIES OF MANAGEMENT’ again? ‘Sadist! We did management theories in year 3, first semester. This is year four! Second semester! And he is taking us on Organization behaviour 2!!! Not Management! SADIST’ anyways I copied the question at the back of my note and left the class along with the few five students who saw the question’

When I got to the Natural sciences faculty I checked out myself through the tinted glass window of Bimbo’s class. ‘Poor her, having a double period lecture’

I began to walk aimlessly around in order to find my target.


I knew he would be having his class an hour after mine ended. And by the way, pictures lie! In his picture, he looked all light and handsome with melted choc eyes. Now? He looked like those Greek warrior gods they drew in animé. He wore a tight body hug shirt and a jean pencil trouser, with a black supra, his black hair was perfectly shaped with a not too low hair cut that just made him look cute enough to eat. I was practically drooling at his looks when a devilish grin hit my face. ‘Cynthia, what will be your price?’

My books in my hand, my hair loose from its usual ‘I am a serious student’ knot and no sign of makeup on my face just the regular white powder and lip gloss.

I walked as fast as I could into his classroom before he got there, pretending to be confused I waited for him to reach the front of the class door ‘thank goodness the class was empty except for a particular guy who sat at the far end of the class’. Once I heard his footsteps I hurriedly opened the door with my face down so I did not see him when I rammed into him.

As predicted he bent down with me to help me pick my books “You shouldn’t have come out of a classroom like that” like I didn’t know.

“Well, Mr. I’m so smart and know about school etiquettes you should have stopped moving when you saw the door open.” I mimicked his manly voice of concern with my head still down as I straightened up and dusted the invisible dust off my cloth with my hand that was not carrying any book.

“Um I stopped when I saw the door open and thanks for the compliment.” I snatched my remaining book from his hand then raised my face up to see him bedazzle at my look. I was not your average supermodel beauty, but I sure as hell was cute and I knew it. With my thin eyebrow, full pink lips and chocolate complexion.

Wow! He was definitely taller than me! Thank God I am so composed! My jaw would have literally dropped to the ground right now. He was even hotter up close. MEAW!

“Are you a medical student?” He seemed half as bedazzled as I was.

“No.” I said snapping out of bedazzle mode.

“Are you lost?” He asked me almost as I predicted.

“No. this is my final year and I haven’t stepped my foot inside any other faculty but Social Science so I decided to explore,” I said with a very slight smile then started to walk away, then stopped to look at the hottie still staring at me “Sorry for bumping into you it was totally my fault” I turned around to leave then I heard his footsteps behind me, a devilish grin spread across my face then turned into a surprised smile as I turned around to face him.

“I should be the one saying sorry” My expression changed from that of a surprised smile to just surprise “why don’t I give you the tour round” I kept on staring at him “that is if you don’t have an overprotective boyfriend that would skin me alive.” Smooth guy!

“No this chick has no master” I laughed lightly then added, “see you!”

“Wait” he called me back as I was about to leave “your number, we don’t want this chick to go astray,” he said with a smirk.



I saw that mischievous best friend of mine outside my class checking out herself, talk about egocentric.

Now I couldn’t wait for the lecture to be over, not that it was boring, just that seeing Daniella reminded me that I had a bone to pick with CLARA!

I turned around and glared at her. I feel like she took up Psychology just because it was my course.

After class, I saw Desmond in front of his car probably waiting for Clara because I could feel her behind me. I walked up to him, moved seductively close to his ear then whispered in a seductive tone “staring at a girl is so impolite” I could feel his lower hips tighten at my touch ‘poor baby’ I mentally smirked. I drew back then added “Will be at the club today” I walked past Clara who was glaring at me, I smirked at her.

“Desmond sweet, why were you talking with that bitch” an evil grin spread across my face as I walked toward my car.

Stage 2 complete

To be continued…

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