Let’s Play – Chapter 4

Let’s Play – Chapter 4: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

When I got home I met Bimbo sulking over a cup of coffee and staring at her Biology text book’s cover “Why the long face?” I asked arranging my books on the table next to her pile of books. Psychologists really do a lot of reading.

“Nothing, it’s just this test I just found out I have tomorrow” she sipped her coffee.

“Come on! You are brilliant, why will a test get you down like that?” I said walking back to the bed.

“Because I promised to meet Desmond at the club tonight” She sipped her coffee again.

“Then cancel it,” I said sitting down on the bed and taking off my shoes.

“No way!” She screamed “And make Clara win?”

Oh Clara! It had been so long since I heard her talk about her. She used to be so obsessed with putting socks down her throat. I didn’t realize that she still was. A pity she never got to do that because she was such a goodie goodie two shoes ruled by the ever-wise council of her conscience, although these days she seemed to be giving her conscience a piece of her mind or maybe it was just me who had the bad influence on her.

“Okay?” I shrugged “Why don’t you read now while I do my assignment and go for the party later on?”

“Why do you think I am drinking the coffee? Daniella, you are such an Einstein?” The sarcasm in her voice was glaring.

“Then why were you moping?” wait. I didn’t want to know the answer to that. As a matter of fact, I was too sleepy to care “never mind” I laid on my half of our bed and set my alarm to five so I would wake up in time to do my assignment and also so that I wouldn’t be late for my tour with Mr. Hottie.


After she slept I started reading from my biology textbook. She was such a fast sleeper.

To be honest I wasn’t mopping about anything. Coffee just had that mopping effect on me. I was just so bored that I needed a conversation to start but apparently she was too sleepy to continue with her questions. Argh! Maybe I didn’t pick this game up because I taught it would be fun, maybe it is because I was bored! Everything around me was so perfect! My parents were rich even though I was poor. But I was only poor because I didn’t want to claim my parent’s money; I wanted to work hard for mine. Plus Daniella and I had decided to be perfect little Bitches in year 1. You know? Those girls who didn’t have a single problem in their lives because everything around them went according to plan.

Yup! That was us. But you know it gets quite boring.

So when she brought the idea of the game, I was down with it and when I saw Clara on her target list, let’s just say………..JACKPOT!

“Daniella you’re the best! You’re the best! You’re the bestie bestie bestie bestie bestest” I flipped out of my chair in shock and landed on my butt. The volume of her alarm was…. …..ALARMING! When did she even change her ring tone?

I turned my head to the bed to see her still sleeping. That girl is a tight sleeper!

I got my butt off the floor and moved my legs to the fridge, opened it and got out a jug of iced water. “This is for making me fall off the chair. Miss I’m so egocentric” I rubbed my aching butt with my free hand after I shut the fridge door then walked to her side of the bed and poured the water on her face. A good thing she had a soft pillow that could absorb water.

“ARRRRRRRRRRGH” She jumped up from the bed, ran towards the bathroom and hit her head on the door because she forgot to open the door in her confusion “Ouch!”

I couldn’t help but clutch my stomach and role on the floor laughing.

“What was that for?” she screeched.

“That-was for-having-your loud-egocentric-ring tone-knock me out of my chair-while I-was-reading” I choked out the words because I was still laughing so hard.

“I didn’t know you were scared of noise,” she said walking towards me.

“Come on! That noise of an alarm could not wake you up, so I thought it was only logical that I helped” I said as I began to stand up from the ground.

“So you were going to help me by drowning me” she stormed towards me with a clenched fist and I froze in my attempt to stand up from the ground I thought she was going to hit me. She shifted her fist away from me at the last microsecond before impact with my face as a huge smirk played across her lips and she picked up her now wet pillow.

‘I’m going to get her for that’ I was mentally telling myself when I felt a cold pillow hit me. “And that’s how it felt.”

We both started laughing and she took her pillow to the corridor and hung it on the rope with five pegs.

I went back to my table and continued reading.

After about thirty minutes she stood beside me with a huge grin on her face.

“How do I look?”

“Like a human being” I shrugged facing my book.

“Come on!” she whined.

“Okay! You look good” Actually, she did look good in her jegging and long round neck t-shirt with matching all-stars shoes. Just casual enough to make him wonder whatever boys wonder about.

“Thanks,” she said then drew a chair next to mine and began to write something in a foolscap sheet of paper from a huge management textbook “Assignment?”

“Yes,” she said then murmured something that sounded like a sadist.

‘Daniella you’re the best! You’re the best, you’re the bestie bestie bestie bestie bestest!” Her annoyingly loud alarm went off after an hour.

“Yo! I gatta go” she said.

I smiled remembering my appointment with making Clara’s life miserable.


That cold water she poured on my face was annoying but that’s what best friends are for plus I got her back with that little stunt of acting like I was going to hit her. I dropped my book back in its neatly arranged file and left the room with Bimbo still reading.

Seven on the dot and I was standing in front of the science faculty waiting for Bolaji. He was running pretty late and damsels are not allowed to wait for long, a random guy I knew not from heaven came to keep me company.

“Hi, my name is Mayokun,” he said then sat next to me. ‘Who asked him to sit?’ Argh! If Bolaji does not come here soon I’ll freak out on him!


Wow! She looked so pretty and no makeup on her face, her hair was packed up in a ponytail to reveal her vertical oval face, not in a freaky way but in a cute way. My eyes darted to her side to see who she was listening to.

‘Who is he?’ I mentally screamed as I walked towards them, well her, but since he was sitting next to her, maybe him too.

Immediately I got two feet close to her she jumped up from sitting next to him “I told you my boyfriend was on his way” she said and came to my side and rested her head on my shoulder.

‘Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about!’ I mentally screamed like a six-year-old who just won Need for Speed. Then I turned to the guy and smirked while snaking my arm round her waist. She stiffened a little but I did not remove my hand.

I took her inside the faculty and the tour began.

“This is the Human Anatomy lab” I pushed the door and was surprised that it was still open “Bolaji,” The female lecturer said as she saw me.

“Good evening ma,” I said as I shot the door before she thought of any smart annoying question to ask me.

“Um, Mayokun is gone” she pulled away from me as we climbed up the stairs.

“Okay” I put my hands in my pocket and led the way.

In twenty minutes we had gone round the science faculty in awkward silence except on intervals when I showed her a lab, class or office.


I had to leave the room by eight-thirty because I had to sleep well for my test tomorrow. I threw on a red tank top, on black pencil jeans, tucked into a brown heeled boot and threw a few glitters on my face.

I saw Desmond immediately I stepped into the club “Hello” I said walking past him and he followed like a love sick puppy. ‘Dem I’m good’

“Hey, barman” I sat on the bar with Desmond taking a seat next to me “something strong and sweet, two” I passed him my credit card and he swiped it

“Let’s dance!” I dragged him to the dance floor. I didn’t know what song was playing but it sounded like Lady Gaga and it was nice.

Rolling my never lying hips round and round on him, I felt his best friend stiffen and I wished so badly the Clara was there to see me.

Was I going too far?

Yes! To me, it was not just a game. It was Revenge!

When I got home I received a text from Clara.

“Stay away from my man!” I read her warning out, laughed, climbed onto my bed and slowly flew off into Lala world.

To be continued…

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