Let’s Play – Chapter 5

Let’s Play – Chapter 5: Nigerian, Free Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam


As Bolaji and I kept walking up the stairs I couldn’t stop hoping that picking him as my target would not turn out to be a big mistake, I know it was absurd but every time we accidentally made eye contact I got lost.

Lost in his dark brown eyes.

We finally made our stop in an empty classroom “So the tour is over” I said trying to break the awkward silence.

“Yes, except there is another place you will like me to take a tour in,” He said suggestively.

“That’s nasty” I whispered even though I knew that there was nobody around to hear us.

“I was talking of your heart” he whispered back like we were playing a guessing game and I must admit it was cute.

“Oh! I meant my heart is pretty nasty” I said in a purring voice.

“Why don’t we see?” he moved a step closer to me and I moved back, maybe I was really wrong for leading him on like that but right now it was not him I was worried about. It was me.

If I let him sweep me off my feet I automatically lost this game and my life will return back to its boring 1 + 1 = 2. But if this was truly all just a game to me, why was I letting him win?

I decided to take back the lead “And how may I say do you intend to find out?” I said in a calm quiet sexy voice as I stepped forward in a persuasive manner.

“Miss Dan?” he smirked lowering his gaze to my lips “Have you ever played trapped in the closet?” he took a step closer to me. One more step and the gap would be closed.

My mind went back to his question then I remembered a party I had attended in my secondary school, I was in Basic 11 although then it was called SS2. My cousin had thrown a party when his parents travelled and I was over for the holidays.

“Dan, come join us!” he called me as I walked towards the refrigerator not interested in the party. I looked over at where he was seated with about fifteen of his friends.

“Why,” I asked over my shoulder opening the refrigerator.

“We are playing trapped in the closet” He called back.

“Okay?” I shot the refrigerator and went to sit next to him intentionally bumping his girlfriend away and saying “he was mine first” and all the guys started laughing.

“Okay let’s play!” a guy sitting five humans away from my cousin said then spun the bottle. It was then I realized we were sitting in a circle. Unfortunately, the bottle landed on the finest young man I had ever seen. His eyes were dark brown and his black hair was plaited back.

Just wait for it…………………………………………………………

“Tonia pick his kidnapped mate” the guy who spun the bottle said. I also figured Tonia was the girlfriend I shoved as I saw a wicked grin on her face.

“I pick Daniella,” she said with a much-satisfied grin.

My cousin would not have allowed me to play if I hadn’t boasted the night before that I played seven minutes in heaven which was totally a lie. In fact, I had never kissed any guy in my life!

Anyways, unlike seven minutes in heaven when you enter the closet on your own, in trapped, you are thrown in the closet by those that you think would not. Aka my cousin.

Before I knew what was happening I was lifted from the ground and was now struggling in the air for them to let me go. Tonia used the situation as an opportunity to pinch me on my arm and I whimpered knowing that this would not turn out right, I looked sideways and had a quick glance at the devilishly good looking guy that was going to be trapped in the closet with me and I was very very very scared hoping my v card will not be stolen, did I say stolen? I meant given away willingly without thinking of the consequence.

“I have a condom! Tonia cooed like I was supposed to be happy about that

“Tonia, my cousin.” my cousin warned.

“I was only joking.” I heard her say before I found myself on the closet floor and I saw the door close.

“You have five minutes!”

I stood up and tried the door handle but it had been locked with a key. I sighed and rested on the door, suddenly the guy that I hadn’t noticed was with me in the closet grabbed me by my waist with his hand covering my mouth to the far end of the closet, I thought I liked him, but now that he was going to take advantage of me I hated him so much!

I struggled, trying my possible best to make him let me go but he didn’t.

After struggling for a minute or more I stopped and gave up then he brought his lips close to my ear and whispered “let’s just pretend that something happened, I know you’ve never kissed a guy before” I was shocked! I thought he was about to take advantage of me, I stared into his melted chock eyes and that likeness I had for him returned even harder but then his last statement hit me.

“How sure are you?” I whispered back

“Come on,” he said gesturing to the door. At that moment still lost in his eyes I tiptoed up and placed my lips on his, I didn’t know how to kiss so I stayed like that and was almost getting disappointed in my first kiss when he pulled away but then lifted up my chin and placed his lips on mine with such gentleness, he kept on massaging my lips with his until my lips parted to give him entrance, my fingers were now playing with his long hair and his arms affectionately around my waist. I could have stayed like that forever but little miss spoil show had to open the door. And as expected I blushed with a million light bulbs on my chick and left for my room without looking back at my first kiss.

After that day I never met him again and my cousin didn’t even know his name, he said that he was a friend of a friend.

I was so heartbroken but it was worth it.


“Back from your trip down memory lane?” Bolaji asked as I noticed our position, he was standing so close to me and my heart started beating like my brains remembered something that it was never meant to forget then I raced my mind back to his question “Miss Dan have you ever played trapped in the closet?” I stared into his eyes and got lost in his melted choc eyes again, again ‘oh no!’

He smirked at me as my mouth dropped open “you remember” he smirked and I turned around and ran as fast as I could outside the faculty straight to my room, shut the door and landed flat on the bed staring straight up at the ceiling’

I couldn’t believe it! I was so grateful that I hadn’t kissed him again, if not I might have fallen in love!!!!

I had to end this game and accept that I had lost to Mr. Hottie and pick another target.

I picked up my phone and dialled his number “are you still there?” In thirty minutes I was back at the faculty.

“I like the way you respond to surprise” he teased and I punched him on the arm.

“So why did you run?” He put his arm around my shoulder as we walked away from the faculty.

“I remembered you” I blushed.

“Sweet memories I guess seeing you came back.”

“I’m sorry,” I said keeping my head down as we walked.

“Why?” he asked in disbelief and I hadn’t even told him why.

“Don’t say a word till I am through,” I said then explained the whole game to him still with my head facing the floor.

He removed his arm from around my shoulder and we stopped walking. I shouldn’t feel anything right? But I felt so sad and guilty about it but it wasn’t going to stop the game “Bola I understand if you are angry but I won’t stop playing this game, I’m only telling you because I don’t want to hurt myself.” I said then began to walk away.

“Dan. So you think you are that appealing,” he called out to me.

I stopped walking; I wasn’t expecting those to be his next word “I don’t think. I know!” I turned around to face a mischievously smiling Bola.

“Let’s make this game more interesting, let’s say difficulty 5,” he said and we began to walk toward each other.

“I’m listening.”

“Now that I know you were only playing me.” he pause “Play me.”

“What?” I asked

“Make me fall for you,” He said, now walking closer to each other.


“Think of it, it’s a two-way thing. You get Cynthia to pay you to leave me and you get to see me all lovey-dovey.” He said the last part like a little boy.

We finally stopped walking because there was no longer space in-between us” And if I lose?”

“It’s just a game” he smirked.

“It’s on.” I didn’t agree because I was bored. No, I agreed because I knew he taught that I would be the one falling for him. That would make the game much more interesting.

Although I wondered why he wanted me to play his girlfriend but it was none of my business. Plus knowing might get me more attached to him.


“Let’s go to my place’ I said putting my arms around her shoulder once more.

“Okay,” she agreed too quickly. She must have been serious about this game. “Will Cynthia find out?” she asked as we walked to my car.

“Yes she will,” I said with a knowing smile.

“Great!” she snuggled closer to me.

She was so mine!

To be continued…

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