The Six Years Plan

The Six Years Plan: Free Short Stories, Revenge, Fabling, Pam

I could feel his life slowly slipping out of my hands. This was what I wanted, so why did I feel numb? I had been chasing Ade for the last six years, six years of boiling rage, six years of planning, and now it was all over.
I let his dead body drop from my hands then set the scene to look like a suicide, just like I had planned. I tightened a rope around his neck then stretched it through the ceiling fan. I placed the butt of a lit cigarette in his mouth, took it out then pressed down it on his table, I forced some alcohol down his throat too. There would be no suicide notes, none, he did not deserve an understandable death.
A miserable man kills himself after drinking. That would be the headline. I took one more look around to make sure that I left no evidence of me behind. There shouldn’t be any evidence of me, I was dead. I had been dead for six years. Ade killed me, buried me, my parents mourned me, the girl who died in a gas leak. That was the headline ‘Beautiful girl dies in gas fire.’

I felt numb, I was supposed to feel different, better. Ade was my boyfriend, but he was too possessive, he got jealous, he threatened to hurt me but he never did, he was always breathing down my neck suspicious of my every move, it was tiring, so I got out. I ended things. I moved on, got a new boyfriend. I left him.
Ade begged me to take him back, he stalked me, I thought he would eventually get over me so I ignored him, but then he came to my house, he came with a gun, he shot my boyfriend, he shot me, then he set the place on fire. But I survived. I survived and I came back for him. He had moved on, he killed me and moved on like I never existed. He was living well. It was vexing. So I set a plan, let my existence be completely erased, then I came back, I drugged him then I strangled him.
I am Titilope Ajao, I am the Beautiful girl who died six years ago in that fire incident, and you can arrest me now.

The End.

This was short, I know, so you can read other interesting psycho stories like Diary of a Borderline Sociopath

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