Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 11

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 11: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

After the initial shock from learning that he had been the motivation behind his 10-year-old brother kidnapping Father Christmas with his friends, had worn out, panic set in. Ebuka grabbed Chukwuma by his arms and dragged him out locking Oyinbo in the storehouse.

“Why are you angry?” Chukwuma asked.

“Idiot! There is no such thing as Father Christmas! That is a full-grown man you have locked in there! God, mummy will kill me! Don’t tell her I told you to do anything! How many people know?” Ebuka rambled but Chukwuma had stopped listening since he broke the news to him that Father Christmas was not real.

Ebuka turned to his little brother to notice the tears falling out of his eye “Mumu if you don’t stop crying I will conk your head and give you a reason to cry.” Chukwuma glared at him as if he was wishing him death.

“Tell me how…” Ebuka was distracted by the sound of commotion coming from the stairs, being already in a paranoid state, he looked around for a weapon. “Don’t move from here.”

Ọ̀gbeni and Atutu had tripped on something in the dark “Be careful, if everybody wakes up this will be hard.

They heard the sounds of sticks falling from the backyard, and froze “What is that?” Atutu asked in a hushed voice.

“How am I supposed to know?” Ọ̀gbeni retorted as he began to head out to the noise.

“Holy shit! God, please don’t let anybody wake up.” Ebuka prayed, grabbing a firm hold on a strong stick. He looked at his brother again, warning him to stay still, then went around the building.

Atutu and Ọ̀gbeni came out to the backyard, to see a scared Chukwuma standing still. Ọ̀gbeni pointed his gun at him. “Where is Oyinbo?” he asked in a gruff scary voice.

“Oyinbo?” Chukwuma asked confused. It took him some milliseconds to process who he was referring to.

“I will shoot you…”

“He is inside the small house,” Chukwuma said.

“Is any police there?” Oyinbo asked.

“No,” Chukwuma replied he could see the gun and he knew what guns were used for, but a nagging feeling in his mind kept wondering if the gun was real or not.

To be on the safe side, Ọ̀gbeni lifted Chukwuma over his right shoulder and carried him into the Mallam’s house as he instructed Atutu to wait outside and keep an eye out.

Oyinbo smiled when he saw Ọ̀gbeni, he would finally be going home, he taught but to his shock, Ọ̀gbeni pointed his gun at him. “Mumu, see your life. The pikin we send you to kidnap, na them con kidnap you. You are worthless, you don’t deserve to live.”Listening to him Chukwuma knew he had to do something to save Father Christmas, even though he was not real, he had thought he was real and now he was going to be shot by this scary looking man.

Ọ̀gbeni readied his gun to fire and just as he pulled the trigger, Chukwuma shot a mighty gas out of his buttocks which was directly in front of Ọ̀gbeni’s nose, making him miss his target as the bullet grazed pass Oyinbo’s eyes, taking the topmost layer of his face with it.

To be continued

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