Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 10

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 10: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

Atutu and Ọ̀gbeni paraded the school vicinity looking for clues of Oyinbo’s where-about, after asking the roadside shop attendants if they had seen Father Christmas, they finally figured out where Chukwuma and his crew were keeping him, but the story they heard was strange, they could not figure out how Oyinbo followed the children, and why he was running with them, so they decided to lay in wait and watch the house.

Atutu began to doze off; Ọ̀gbeni smacked the back of his head “No sleep.”

“Make we just go, hin don fuck up, make we go.” Atutu had clearly had enough, they had been under the sun for the whole day and even now as the sun was setting they had only drunk one sachet of water each.

“Mumu.” Ọ̀gbeni hissed “E be like say you no know say Oyinbo na idiot. If they ask him about us, just one slap and he will talk our history for them.”

“What should we do now?” Atutu asked.

“Let’s watch, one of the children will come out. By night we will sneak inside and free him or kill him, anyone wey easy pass.” Ọ̀gbeni said.

“Make we waste am. Hin mama no go miss am.” Atutu yawned. They stayed quiet again just watching, Ọ̀gbeni put his hand in his pocket to feel for his gun as night approached. Just then a police car pulled in front of Chukwuma’s house, confirming the two’s suspicion that Oyinbo was secretly being held and tortured by the police, after luring him into their trap with the children.

They watched as the Policeman walked in and moments later a group of children came out to wave him goodbye. A boy got in his car, then he drove off. After waving them off the three remaining children whispered among themselves then two of them left waving goodbye.

“We have to kill Oyinbo this night before he kobalizes us.” Ọ̀gbeni spoke with conviction.


After the children had returned home, Chukwuma and his brother were finally alone.

“Brother Ebuka I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!!” Chukwuma’s excitement was out of this world.

“What?” His excitement was also suspicious.

“Follow me.” He said, peeped into the sitting room to make sure that the coast was clear, then signalled with his torchlight for his big brother to follow him.

“Oya now, are you ready?” He asked as he opened the door to the abandoned storehouse.

His Senior brother who had jokingly given him the ingenious idea to kidnap Father Christmas, stood frozen, eyes wide open, scared, shocked, in disbelieve as the torchlight pointed at a tied up, lips sealed, badly bruised Father Christmas.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…”HOLY FREAKING SHIT! JESUS! WHAT THA! OH MY GOD! THIS BOY HAS KILLED ME!” He whisper-screamed.

“Shh, they will catch us,” Chukwuma warned.

To be continued

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