Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 9

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 9: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

Mama Oyinbo walked to the edge of the pavement to brush her teeth, as she brushed she noticed the two men sleeping, she went to kick them awake.

“Atutu, Ọ̀gbeni, wetin happen, why you no sleep for house?” She asked.

The two men scurried up, shocked that they had fallen asleep while waiting for Oyinbo.

“Oyinbo no show?” Atutu asked Ọ̀gbeni.

“That my useless son no come house, maybe he don go drink forget himself for gutter again.” She concluded.

Just then her phone rang. She unwrapped it from her wrapper and picked it.

“Hello, Oyinbo.”

“MOTHER CHRISTMAS?” She raised her brow.

“Who is it?” Ọ̀gbeni asked.

She shrugged signalling that she did not know.

“Who are you?” She asked, then she stayed quiet for some minutes with her mouth agape until the phone cut.

“Wetin happen?” Atutu asked.

“I no know oh.” She tried to return to real life. “Some kin pikins dem call me, begin tell me say them done kidnap Father Christmas, say make I send them one country, one kingdom, 50 gazillion dollars, ten crowns, one big boat, one limousine, three servants, one aeroplane, one helicopter, one private jet, one Lamborghini, 20 mansion, I no even remember everything.

Them talk say them go kill Father Christmas if I no send them all these things. I for say na wrong number but them use Oyinbo number call. That stupid boy don go drink again.” he said, tucked in her phone and returned to brush her teeth like nothing ever happened.

“Wait, she talk Father Christmas” Atutu and Ọ̀gbeni were awestruck.

Abeg mama Oyinbo pass us your phone make we call Oyinbo.” Ọ̀gbeni said.

She stretched her palm to them and they stared in confusion “Owo credit, or na my money you wan use call that useless son?”

Ọ̀gbeni grudgingly handed her a100 Naira note and she handed them the phone.

Ọ̀gbeni redialed “Hello, who be this?” His face changed. “You dey craze, you know who you dey talk too?”

Meanwhile . . .

Chukwuma had the phone on speaker.

“You dey craze? See this mumu wey dey ask me if I know who him be?”

Chukwuma said, his voice sounded scarier than Ọ̀gbeni’s. “Osas, Slap Father Christmas again.”

Osas moved to slap him and Oyinbo shouted “Ọ̀gbeni abeg no vex them, them go kill me for here.” but she still slapped him and he started crying again.“Oya where we go drop everything wey you talk say you want?” Ogbeni asked.

“Drop it at our school, or at our house, you know where we live abi? Father Christmas knows where everybody lives.” Chukwuma said then cut the phone.

“Bayo when is your daddy coming to pick you?” Chukwuma asked.

“He said he will come from work” Bayo replied.

“So we still have time. Oya tie his mouth back. Let’s go inside my mummy is cooking rice and chicken” Chukwuma said, his behaviour had gradually begun to turn to that of a gang leader.

Bayo tied up Oyinbo’s mouth, Osas standing in wait with the stick in her hand.“Your father is a police abi?” Otomokpo asked.

“My father is not just a police, he is a Grade 11 Superintendent of Police” Bayo Bragged.

To be continued

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