Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 6

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 6: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

The children gathered around Father Christmas, who was now sitting on the floor dazed.

“The party will soon start, what do we do now?” Bayo asked.

“How are we supposed to kidnap him now?” Adaeze asked.

“Watch and learn. It always works when I do it for my brother.” Chukwuma smiled.

Oyinbo was lost, he could not understand what was going on, why he was surrounded by the children and Turayo. ‘Oh my God! Have they found out my plan?’ he panicked. He looked at Turayo, the girl he was meant to kidnap and she seemed to have an evil smile on her face, he could hear them whispering, they said something about kidnapping, ‘yekpa! They know, they know, I am in soup!’ He panicked but he was to weak to move, he couldn’t.

“Father Christmas hurry up, they will catch you!” A scared boy shouted in his face, urging him to get up and he got up. “Hurry, hurry, we have to leave now!” he urged.

The children helped pull him up, “Follow me!” the boy said, “We need to get out of here before they come and catch you.”

He followed the boy to the gate “Start walking outside the school and be going straight, I will come and meet you!” the boy said and he obeyed. He could see the school’s security looking at him strangely, they approached him, he felt like this was the end, and they had caught him.

“Are you going to go and pick what you forgot at home?” the guard asked him and he nodded, then he opened the gate for him. That was close Oyinbo thought as he walked out of the school.

“Where are you going?” The security guard asked Malik and his classmates.

“I misplaced my mummy’s change, I want to go home and see if I will see it on the road,” Chukwuma said.

“Why are they following you?” he asked.

“So they can find it with me.” He replied.

“The 10 of you Cannot go out,” the guard said.

“Okay, Malik, Bayo, follow me,” Chukwuma said.

The guard opened the door for them and they ran after Father Christmas.

“Oya it’s time to hide,” Chukwuma said as he caught up with the dazed Father Christmas.

Oyinbo was glad that the child had found him and was helping him hide “Follow us.” The other boy said.

After walking for a short while, with people looking at him and children pointing, they got to a three-storey building of one to three-bedroom flats. “Oya enter.” The boy said and he walked in as Malik opened the gate for him.

He followed them to the backyard and into a small house.

Malik and the boys let him into the abandoned backyard storehouse, and then Chukwuma and Bayo picked two heavy sticks.

Chukwuma lifted it up and bashed it against the back of Father Christmas’s legs, bringing him down to his knees and Bayo took the next swipe, with all the power he could mutter, he swung it into the back of his head, and Father Christmas slept.

To be continued…

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