Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 7

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 1: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

Atutu stumped into the hideout angry and raking curses at Oyinbo.

“Ọga calm down, wetin happen?” Ọ̀gbeni asked.

Atutu vented some more then narrated “As I reach the school, na so them tell me say Oyinbo commot and hin no come back. I con dey there dey wait but the Baalẹ́ too con show an him pikin no con leave hin side as Father Chrismas no show for the school, so we no con get chance to kidnap her.”

“Where Oyinbo?” Ọ̀gbenin asked taking in his cigar.

“I no know, hin never show.” Atutu said.

“Make we wait for hin house, where he wan go hide?” Ọ̀gbeni said, and the two hoodlums strutted down to Oyinbo’s house to wait for him. They slept there that night, even till the next day when Mother Christmas got a call, but that Is getting ahead of the story.

After tying up Father Christmas so that he could not move, and tying up his mouth, the children returned to enjoy their Christmas party, where they all wrote down their list of demands and handed it over to Chukwuma, oblivious of the commotion and sadness that was caused by the missing Father Christmas. The next day, very early in the morning, Aboki, Bayo, Osas and Otomokpo arrived at the Chukwuma’s house, they all snuck to the back of the house so that no adult saw them.

They held a torchlight since the place was dark and there was no light; Oyinbo was still asleep.

“How should we wake him up?” Osas asked. “Should we shake him?”“No, we need him to take us seriously.” Chukwuma objected.
“Let’s hit him with a stick,” Otomokpo suggested.

“Is it not the stick we use to off his light? You want to kill him?” Bayo asked.

Who here can slap well?” They all raised their hands.

“You cannot slap more than me” Osas bragged.

“Oya let’s try.” Bayo challenged.

“My slap pass all your slap join.” Otomokpo bragged.

“Oya let’s compete. Slap yourselves, the first to cry loses.” Chukwuma declared. “Me I cannot slap so I will be the judge.”

“Oya now, me that my mummy has been slapping me since I was born.” Osas began to blow her hand.

“On your mark, set, go! Otomokpo slap first” Chukwuma declaredOtompkpo spread his five fingers and landed a slap on Osas’s face, it sounded like thunder but Osas’s head only turned to the side, no tears followed. Then he slapped Bayo; Bayo froze for two seconds then came back to his senses.“Oya Bayo go!” Chukwuma said.

Bayo blew on his hands then slapped Otomokpo revenge slap, making him spin around in confusion, then he slapped Osas and got a yelp from her.

“Osas are you ready?” Chukwuma asked and she nodded, anger welling up in her chest like a bull ready to charge.

She raised her left hand like the staff of Amadioha, her fingers closed together and she descended on Bayo’s soft cheeks. He stood frozen for a second then tears began to run down in his face as he held his cheek.

Seeing the state of Bayo, Otomokpo made to run away but Chukwuma and Aboki held him and pressed his face to the ground, without wasting time Osas descended on his hard cheek. Otomokpo screamed and Chukwuma held his mouth.

“Shut up they will catch us,” Chukwuma said.

“Let them catch us now” Otomokpo nagged crying his eyes out.

With the slapping parade over and Osas declared the greatest slapper in the world, Otomokpo and Chukwuma stepped aside to let Osas slap Father Christmas.

To be continued…

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