Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 5

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 5: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

“Chukwuma have you seen the Father Christmas that will come for our school’s party?” Otomokpo asked.

“No, what happened?” Chukwuma asked.

“Come and see him!” Otomokpo dragged Chukwuma to the back of his school to spy on Father Christmas laughing oh oh oh.Chukwuma stood frozen in excitement for a few second, a plan coming together in his head, he jolted, grabbed Otomokpo and dashed out of the school.They stopped in front of Malik’s house, panting.

“What – are – you – doing?” Otomokpo asked.

Chukwuma knocked on the door and Malik’s mother opened it.

“Chukwuma, Otomokpo, what are you doing here and why are you sweating on your Christmas clothes,” She asked.

The two boys greeted her in unison “Good morning ma.”

“Is Malik ready?” Chukwuma asked.

His mother nodded and showed him to the children room. “Tell him to hurry up, I need to go to the market and I can’t leave until he does.

”Malik is dressed like a tiny gangster, and admiring his ‘fine boy’ in the mirror.

Chukwuma walked in and watched him, thinking to himself, ‘does this boy know how stupid he looks?’

“Guy stop acting like a mumu jor.” Otomokpo blurted. Malik flinched at his invaded privacy “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“We found the real Father Christmas!” Chukwuma exclaimed. Some minutes later the boys returned to school to meet the girls who were also excited about their find. Malik whispered to them and handed Habibat a transparent water bottle filled with black liquid to give to Father Christmas.

Turayo walked towards the backyard to where Father Christmas had started coughing from all the ho ho ho-ing.

“Father Christmas do you want Coke?” she asked as she stretched the water bottle towards him. He looked at her and recognized her as the Bale’s daughter, smiled, opened the bottle and drank from it.

Shortly after, Turayo walked over to her other classmates excited. “he drank it.”

Meanwhile, Oyinbo took his phone out of his pocket the moment she left and called Atutu. I don see am. I don tell the school say I forget something for house already, so them go allow you enter, hurry up before the party started. No forget the touch and follow juju wey baba give you oh. Oya I dey wait. I don do my part, she go soon come back collect hin water bottle.”

“What is even inside the bottle?” Aboki asked. “My big brother is always taking one green medicine that turns his tongue blue, then makes him sleep or do anything I tell him to do. I put his remaining eight tablets inside.

”Just as they were listening to Malik. They heard a big thud sound. And they all smiled like naughty little children.

To be continued…

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