Let’s Play – Chapter 12

Let’s Play – Chapter 12: Nigerian, Free, Web Novel, Drama, Romance, Play Girl, Fabling Pam

After I watched him leave I walked to the nutty professor’s office and lightly knocked on it
“Come in” his voice sounded calm and expectant from the other side
I turned on the voice note recorder on my blackberry before I slowly opened the door, making sure I looked my humblest before I walked in, I shut the door behind me with my face lowered and my eyes scanning the ground like it had some hidden answers
“Yes who are you?” he asked rudely
“I’m sorry sir” I raised up my head so that he could see my face.
“What is your name?” He asked looking all serious but I could tell he was still going through the embarrassment I caused him the previous night.

“It’ Nathalia” I lied.
“So Nathalia what brings you to my office?” He asked as he motioned with his hand for me to take a seat opposite to his table.
I bent my knee slightly as if kneeling down on the air and stood up straight then walked to the chair with my head down.
“So why are you here?” he asked again after I had sat down.
“I’m sorry sir, for the embarrassment I cause you last night,” I said with a shaky voice.
I waited for him to speak but he did not. So I continued. “It was probably under the influence of alcohol, and it would never happen again.”
“Are you aware that I could get you expelled for that sort of behaviour?” He asked just as I planned, although it was sooner than I had planned, but whatever.
I wanted to tell him that he was a fool, that I was not that naive, that if he tried to get me expelled for that he would lose his job because it was against the school doctrine that a lecturer had an ungodly affair with a student but I controlled myself and quietly said “I’m sorry sir” with my head down.
“Meet me at the Emirates and we will work something out” His voice was still thick and a little frightening even as he said that.
“Sir, but” I looked up at him with pleading eye but saw that his face was still thick so I quietly nodded my head “Can I go now,” I asked still looking sober
“Yes you may,” he replied gesturing to his door.

A wild smile spread across my face the moment I left his office and shut his door. ‘He is going down’.
I walked to my faculty to wait for my next class since it was about to start.
As I entered the class Clara was already there, our eye locked and I smirked then walked to my sit.

“Hi” I love your shoes,” I said with a warm smile to Tobi. I had decided to just approach him as a friend, instead of leading him on, although I have always had this high tendency to change my mind ‘If you know what I mean’.
“Thank you,” He said in this cool manner that said ‘I have received better compliment’ or maybe it was my imagination.
I looked down at his hand and notice he was reading a James Patterson Novel and I smiled and sat next to him. It was the school park; I could sit anywhere I wanted.
“So what do you like about his novel? The crime or the crime-solving, I personally like the crime” I said in order to break the silence.
“You read Patterson’s novels?” He asked as he closed his book.
“I read everything I lay my hand on,” I said with a gentle smug smile “But I do enjoy reading his novels. He is one of my favourites.”
He kept on looking at me with an amused smile.
“What?” I asked in a defensive manner.
“It’s just that most girl who looks like you are more into romantic novels,” He said but quickly added “No offence.”
“None taken” I took the book from his hand and looked at the cover then looked at a still surprised him “Kiss the girls, Alex Cross’ niece gets kidnapped along with some other gifted girls, by Casanova, the last victim escapes and she is the biggest clue to the case” I smiled and looked at him, he looked like he expected me to go on “Do you really want me to tell you the whole story?”
“No,” He said and took his book back from me “Nice to meet you. I’m Tobi” he stretched out his right hand to me still sitting.
I wanted to say ‘I know your name already, and you are my next chosen, I will make you a better man as you will forever watch your back after I am through with you’ but I kept it to myself “My name is Daniella” I said as I accepted his hand of friendship.
“There is a dance coming up, it’s organized by the school for its charity program, I really don’t want to go but if you’ll be going, I could go,” He said with a light shrug like what he had just said meant nothing to him and I smiled at how cute he looked acting like that.
“A dance, when?” I seriously did not know of any coming up dance.
“This Saturday.”
“How come I didn’t know of it?”
“Because it is a fundraiser and nobody really likes fundraisers?” He joked..
“That must be it” I nodded to myself.
“So are you going?”
“Sure! I mean who doesn’t like fundraisers?” I said with sarcasm and a bit of amusement and he laughed.
“Okay, I’ll pick you up at seven” He laughed and stood up.

“By the way, do you happen to know where Mr. Okon lives?” I asked as I stood up.
“Why?” He asked standing up too.
“Nothing much, I heard his wife is a judge, and I kind of need to sue somebody” He laughed.
“Come on! Don’t you think I’ve read too many Detective novels to fall for that?”
“No, you haven’t.” I feigned surprise and he smiled again.
“You want to frame him,” he said with a serious voice and I did not respond, I had not come back “He leaves at number 30 main road in Festac, you can’t miss the house.”
“Why are you telling me now?” I asked after I came out of the shock that he decided to tell me the address after guessing ‘almost’ correctly on my motive. Almost, because I did not want to frame him, I wanted to destroy him. Why? Because nobody, I mean NOBODY ever blackmails me!
“Because let just says I owe him a favour,” He said looking straight ahead like he was having a flashback.
“Uh” I kept my mouth slightly open.
“He ate from my plate behind my back and I found out,” he said in the same calm manner that he had earlier spoken to me in.
‘Note to self. Never eat from his plate, or better still don’t play this guy’ I smiled nervously as I looked away from him.
“What did he do to you?” He asked less serious than he had been a second ago and I could tell that he was one of those guys who never got attached to people.
“Well, he hasn’t done anything yet apart from sending me an indirect threat,” I said with a smug look.
“You are smart” I took it as a compliment.
“Thank you, I know, but I have received better complements,” I said even looking smugger, he had a shocked expression on his face and I began to laugh. “I’m just kidding” he sighed “But seriously let’s drop the topic,” I said and we continued walking.
When we got to the car park I turned to him and smile “Thank you for walking me here.”
“I could be doing something better with the time” My mouth fell open at his response but I closed it back and I laughed.
“Nice one,” I said as the laugh faded into a smile “So can I hug you to say till next time, or should we shake hands or should I just wave?” I asked.
“Why not do all three?” He joked and I smiled and hugged him.
“Thanks for the company I really needed it,” I said once I was done hugging him, his musk smelt like Axe and I wondered what Bolaji’s musk smelt like but I kicked the thought out of my head the moment it came in.

“My pleasure,” he said like a perfect gentleman and I had to smile again
“Here is my number” I put a piece of paper in his chest pocket and walked away with a smile playing on my lips.
I spotted Bimbo’s Car and walked to it. Her windows were wound up and I could not see anybody in the car, I also noticed that the driver’s seat was not visible too. Which by the way was odd, one; Bimbo always left her driver’s window up when she waited for me, 2, where was the driver’s seat? 3, who steals driver’s seats?
I moved closer to the car and peeped inside and I took a breath of relief when I saw her laying back on her driver’s seat. She looked at me then pulled the seat up as she pushed the open button on her door. I walked round to the passenger’s seat and got in and before I could ask her any questions she was already bombarding me.
“Where have you been?” She said as she pressed down the glass button on her door “Do you know that it is five o’clock already? Do you know what could have happened to me? Oh, wait, you wouldn’t” She started her engine and I kept on looking at her like she had just seen a ghost.
“Why the out bust?” I finally asked when we got back home, although I did not expect an answer from her.
“His restriction order is over and he came to tell me,” She said as she plunked on the bed.
At first, I wondered to myself ‘who’ but as I raced my mind back, and a picture came into my mind “My love for you is like a thousand oceans, swimming at the beat of one rhythm. My heart, and echoing at the sound of your voice” I recited in his exact words and she shot me a warning glare.
“Anyways, guess who I met today?” I asked jumping on the bed next to her
“Santa Clause?” She asked half none concerned.
“Yes, Santa, Rudolf was there too. Oh and his chariot was gold and red” I said sarcastically and she smiled “I met Tobi.”
“You don’t say!” She returned the sarcasm and I pouted at her.
“Nyways, I got Mr. Okon’s address, do you have the tape?” I asked as I grabbed my pillow.
“Yes, but I don’t want to end this just yet. We need more incriminating things on him” She said gazing at the ceiling and I could tell that she was thinking of something, maybe it was terrible.
“Okay, um, are you going for the fundraiser?” I asked as joined her in staring at the ceiling although there was pretty much nothing on my mind.
“If Clara goes.”

To be continued…

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