Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 3

Kidnapping Father Christmas – Chapter 3: Nigerian Christmas Story, Funny, Kidnap Santa Clause, Adventure, Children and Mischief, Free Web Novel, Fabling, Pam

“Oyinbo!” A short stout woman clad in wrapper screamed, running out of her tiny road side bungalow in the ‘ghettoest’ part of Isheri. “How many times have I told you to stop using my water? USELESS Man!”

“Oh, oh, this woman and her wahala gan sef” Oyinbo murmured as he quickened his pace.

“Your mates are outside working, bringing money for their mothers, my own son is here doing nothing and acting like one stupid king, one day I will shock you! I will put magun in my water just wait and see! Idiot! Ọ̀dẹ́Oshi!” She kept on screaming even though he was already far gone.

“Iya Oyinbo it’s okay now, just ignore him.” A concerned spectator said.

She maliciously eyed and hissed at the spectator and the other woman with her then retreated into her house.

The spectator turned to her friend and laughed “Look at her, when we were telling her to train her son well she told us to mind our business. God don catch am.”

Oyinbo casually strolled into an uncompleted building, down a suspicious corner. ‘Ọ̀gbeni! Why you send that bomboy make hin call me this early morning. I resemble your mate?”

Ogbeni was smoking a large butt of what must be weed, beside him was Atutu Poyoyo who was smoking shisha. Ogbeni took a mouth full of smoke, “Person see you as you dey come here?”

“Your Fada, like say everybody no know say na una den be this.” Oyinbo retorted.

“See this fat Ọ̀dẹ́, e bi like say we don dey show you too much face abi. You don dey forget who you dey talk to?” Atutu spoke, his voice was coarse. “Abi wan shay wéré?” Atutu stood up to reveal a hefty looking build.

Oyinbo looked like he was about to shit his pants from fear but at the same time, he tried not to look like a pushover.

“Atutu calm down. Make hin no run, Oyinbo we just dey play. Anyhow sha. We just wan remind you of the plan. Sheybi you don do am ni?”

“Me, I’m calm.” Oyinbo replied, “I go the place yesterday and dem don employ me as dem Father Christmas.”

Atutu started to laugh. “Make sure you open gate for us oh. If we carry Baalẹ́’ pikin eh, you know how much hin go pay? No fuck things up o!”

To be continued…

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